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Rubenfeld Synergy Method

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method was developed by healer Ilana Rubenfeld and uses gentle touch, movement, verbal exchange and imagination to access memories and emotions locked in the body.

Run a 5-Step Social Media Scan

March 16, 2021

If someone had walked up to you at the ISPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas last September, and told you how much our lives were about to completely change, would you have believed them? I don’t think I would have! Let me ask you this: Just as you’ve had to evolve the way that you live and work and eat and learn—have you also evolved the way that you are now posting about your business, your brand, your products and services?

Salt Body Exfoliation and Wrap

The body is rubbed with a vigorous, abrasive scrub, consisting of coarse salt usually mixed with essential oils and water. A salt exfoliation cleanses pores and removes dead skin. It is usually followed by a gentle shower and body moisturizer. 

Sample Press Release

March 28, 2017

Distributing a press release with the launch of a new spa, spa offering, product, community partnership, etc. is key to garnering exposure for your announcement.


Using electric heaters and igneous rocks as a heat source, saunas are usually wood-lined, enclosed rooms with the intention of inducing sweat in order to promote healing, open the skin’s pores and flush out toxins.

Scalp and Hair Treatment

A treatment which includes a thorough cleansing, conditioning and scalp massage that leaves hair shiny and full of body.

Scotch Hose

The Scotch Hose is an invigorating hydrotherapy treatment. The use of alternating warm and cool water, through a high velocity water wand (or hose), is controlled by a body treatment specialist. Scotch Hose units work to speed up the client’s metabolism through hot and cold pressurized water and direct contact to the client’s specific points of pressure.

Seaweed (Body) Wrap

Similar to herbal wraps combined with heat packs, using sea water and seaweed with a balance of the ocean’s nutrients; minerals, rare trace elements, vitamins and proteins, which are soaked into the blood stream, to revitalize skin and body.

Selecting and Managing Your Retail Inventory

June 16, 2017

Managing one’s retail inventory is a critical part to a spa’s profitability. “Making good inventory decisions should always be based on demand and sales history,” says Linda Mahramnia, retail buyer at Spa Gregorie’s located in Newport Beach, California. “I firmly believe in a product life cycle, like a bell curve. You have to know when to buy, when to maximize and when to decrease product [orders].”

September 2015 Snapshot Survey – What ISPA Members are Exploring

December 13, 2016

Topic of Focus – What ISPA Members are Exploring

The ISPA community is continuously seeking new concepts, products and business practices that will keep their offerings fresh and relevant.

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