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Electrotherapy / Diathermy (Electro-Impulse)

Treatments using the stimulating properties of a low voltage electric current. Used to reaffirm muscle, eliminate cellulite and help in weight loss treatments.

Energy Healing

An umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our bodies innate healing mechanisms.

Erica Dhawan: Connectional Intelligence

September 14, 2023

“WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS TO THE NEW WORLD OF DIGITAL BODY LANGUAGE.” Erica Dhawan believes we’re all experiencing the same challenges as more of our interactions—with colleagues, with resource partners, even with clients—move away from in-person to online. So, how do we connect intelligently?

Erica suggested to the ISPA Conference audience that “the question shouldn’t be how to adapt to ‘the new normal,’ but instead how to create a better normal” in digital communications. Whether communicating in a video conference or by email or text message, Erica offers five key principles to ensure your message is received the way you intend:

Esalen Massage

Developed and refined over the last 20 years by the Esalen Institute in California, this massage combines Swedish and sensory relaxation massage techniques.

Every Question Answered: The ISPA Talent Toolkit

September 7, 2023

WHO will find value in the ISPA Talent Toolkit?

This suite of resources arms spa owners and directors, human resources leaders and marketing and communication departments with the checklists, templates and guides they need for success with talent recruitment and engagement concerns that are at the forefront of focus in the spa industry.

WHAT is included in the Toolkit? The Talent Toolkit comes equipped with resources for every talent-related function of your spa business. Each toolkit section below lists some currently-available tools.

Evolve or Become Irrelevant

September 5, 2023

How do you make sure your spa stays relevant with the changes we’ve experienced in the past several years?

Embrace technology

Touchless therapies have become popular—especially during and since the Covid pandemic. While acknowledging that “it can be scary to embrace technology,” Emyln Brown offered hope that “it can also lead to change,” and the panel shared ways new technology can be a positive change for spas.

Amanda Al-Masri finds “more people are interested in wellness, but we have less people to work” and advises spa leaders to “embrace touchless therapies, as it’s a great way to add revenue. Hands-on therapies are still very important and should not be replaced, but the touchless helps amplify results.”

“Touchless is complementary to human interaction,” agrees Simon Marxer. “Being able to offer a broad menu is sound business.”

Exceptional Experiences: Providing Excellent Customer Service

September 5, 2023

In many industries, companies follow one of two “go to market” strategies: focus on providing extraordinary customer service, or emphasize low prices. While most bus[1]nesses make efforts to cater to both goals, every company leader has one or the other priority in mind when making day-to-day decisions. For spas, the default is nearly always to promote great experiences.

The challenge of creating a customer-centric environment is not new. But many spa leaders say staffing turnover during and since the pandemic has exacerbated an existing issue. In an era of decreasing service mentality, how can spa leaders train and promote exceptional customer service? Conversely, do spas face a decreasing return on investment when trying to win the approval of every client?


Fango is the Italian word for mud. Used in treatments, a highly mineralized mud may be mixed with oil or water and applied over the body as a heat pack to detoxify, stimulate the circulation and relieve muscular and arthritic pain.


Electric muscle stimulators used to tone muscles through low-level electricity conducted through contact pads attached to the body for “passive exercise,” often used for treatment of certain medical conditions.

February 2015 Snapshot Survey – Word-of-Mouth Marketing

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Spas are creatively finding ways to encourage existing clients to help spread the word about their treatments and products.  Among ISPA spa members, 39 percent have a referral program in place to incentivizes customers to refer new clients.

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