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4 Inspiring Insights from John Ondrasik

March 28, 2017

Singer-songwriter and 2016 ISPA Alex Szekely Humanitarian Award recipient John Ondrasik closed this year’s General Session with one thought-provoking question: “What kind of world do you want?” 

4 Thought Provoking Questions by Brene Brown

March 28, 2017

When Daring Greatly best-selling author Brené Brown made a brave decision to talk about her own struggle with shame and vulnerability at a TEDx Talk, she had no idea her life was about to change.

5 Powerful Takeaways from Simon Sinek

March 28, 2017

Leadership expert Simon Sinek closed this year’s General Session with a compelling challenge to the ISPA community: “Every single person in this room has the opportunity to be the leader you wished you had. So make a choice. Be the leader you wished you had.”

Conversations with Seth Mattison

March 26, 2021

Mattison is a world-renowned expert on workforce trends and the generational change we’re currently experiencing in the workforce; his work tracks how shifting demographics will necessitate a new style of leadership. In his book, The War at Work, Mattison details how reimagining leadership and talent management for the 2020s is the key to building stronger, more effective teams.

Creating a Joy-filled Team through Positivity

March 7, 2018

Have you ever been part of a highly motivated, joy-filled team?

If you have, chances are that most days you were excited to come to work because you had fun collaborating and you felt like you mattered.  Your focus and enthusiasm then helped you do some of your best work with your colleagues.

How Energy Impacts Your Employees (Elevate Your Leadership Pt. I)

December 18, 2019

Here’s an interesting question to ask yourself about the way people view you in the workplace: Are people happier to see you come, or are they happier to see you go?

How to Demonstrate Trust in Others (Elevate Your Leadership Part VI)

December 18, 2019

Trust is the glue to successful relationships. It’s important to recognize whether you are building or breaking trust with the people you work with, serve and lead. Then ask, how can I demonstrate trust and confidence in others?

How to Maximize Potential (Elevate Your Leadership Pt. III)

December 18, 2019

Do you tend to focus on people’s strengths or on their weaknesses? A leader’s job is to recognize potential and help them reach it. Are you doing that?

Leading the Way Through Mentoring

March 16, 2021

SPA INDUSTRY LEADERS are often quick to point out all the ways in which their colleagues have supported their growth and played key roles in the success of their careers. Many can even cite a particular individual whose impact is greater than the rest. In some cases, these formative relationships happen by chance, but spa leaders seeking to foster growth in their teams, retain top employees and achieve their spas’ performance goals cannot simply place their trust in serendipity. Formal mentoring programs, though, can take luck out of the equation and help spas reach new heights.

Meditation Goes Mainstream

March 26, 2021

Meditation and Mindfulness are more popular than ever. But what’s driving the change, and what can your spa do to make the most of it?

Earlier this year, an interesting press release found its way onto my desk, courtesy of toy manufacturer Mattel. It announced the launch of the Barbie Wellness Collection, featuring Barbies that teach “three key themes: meditation, physical well-being, and self-care.”

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