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5 Must-Have Skills to Make It as a Spa Director

March 7, 2018

As former Health and Healing Director at Canyon Ranch, GM of Travaasa and successful Hospitality Consultant who has lead resorts, spas and medical organizations around the country, Kristine Huffman of Hutchinson Consulting shares must-have skills that every Spa Director should possess.

Are You an Emotionally Intelligent Leader?

February 20, 2018

Are You An Emotionally Intelligent Leader?

By Merit Gest

Best Menu Placement Layout

March 4, 2019

This graphic highlights areas of highest attention on a spa’s menu.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

September 5, 2023

The pandemic and other challenges over the last few years have fundamentally changed the spa and wellness industry. Our future has never been brighter, but is not without its challenges. With this new status quo come significant opportunities to change not only the way we think about spa and wellness services, but also our guests, services, interactions and retail products.

Spa owners frequently share they are struggling to meet the increased demand for services. Recovery is still “bumpy,” but a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes regarding the importance of self-care and wellness clearly has occurred. A recent study by Ipsos reported a majority of Americans are more concerned about their health than before the pandemic.1 Lifestyle, spa and wellness services have moved from the perception of a luxury experience to becoming a part of an individual’s healthy regimen for prevention and maximum wellbeing. In short, this trend can be summed up by a frequently seen quote on social media, wall art and more: “Self-care is not selfish.” In our new reality, the integration of mental health or mental fitness cannot be separated from spa or wellness services.

So how will you pivot and reboot your business to adapt, adjust and ultimately benefit from this trend? Let’s explore some of the major influences and challenges ahead.

Conversations with Seth Mattison

March 26, 2021

Mattison is a world-renowned expert on workforce trends and the generational change we’re currently experiencing in the workforce; his work tracks how shifting demographics will necessitate a new style of leadership. In his book, The War at Work, Mattison details how reimagining leadership and talent management for the 2020s is the key to building stronger, more effective teams.

COVID-19 FAQ: Personal Protective Equipment

July 29, 2020
This FAQ provides detailed guidelines, sourced from the CDC, for the proper use of personal protective equipment, including cloth face coverings and gloves.

COVID-19 Spa Industry Commitment

July 29, 2020
This one page poster highlights the spa industry’s shared commitment to staff and guests by identifying seven standards intended to foster confidence and peace of mind as spas reopen.

COVID-19 Spa Reopening Checklist

July 29, 2020
This checklist will serve as a guide for spas as they develop their custom reopening strategy. In addition to the checklist, a set of communications templates are included at the end of the document to assist with marketing efforts.

COVID-19 Spa Sanitation & Hygiene Commitment

July 29, 2020
All spas who commit to ISPA’s Sanitation & Hygiene Standards are encourage to display this commitment visual within their spa and/or website. 

COVID-19 Staff Support Checklist

July 29, 2020
This checklist provides additional guidance and support for employees returning to work following COVID-19-related closures. Consider completing the steps below as part of a five to ten-day countdown.
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