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Balinese Massage

Traditional relaxing massage that uses a combination of stretching, acupressure and Swedish massage techniques.

Bamboo Massage

Other Name(s):
Bamboo Fusion, Tian Di

Definition of Offering:
The use of heated bamboo to roll and knead the body tissue to create a deep sense of relaxation.


A balance bar or rail used during exercise or an aerobic exercise program focused on exercise using a barre.


The Ayurvedic medicated implant treatment known as Basti, involves the introduction of medicinals such as sesame oil, coffee, acidophilus, or a herbal decoction in a liquid medium into the rectum following a water enema. This treatment is useful for cleaning out the length of the colon, hydrating the body and freeing the lower body from stress and stagnation.

Beer Bath

Other Name(s):
Hops Bath, Brew Bath

Definition of Offering:
Bathing in a tub of warm beer.

Behavior Modification Therapy

Programs designed to eliminate harmful personal habits such as smoking and substance abuse by teaching people how to change lifelong habits in order to become healthier and more at peace with themselves.

Best Menu Placement Layout

March 4, 2019

This graphic highlights areas of highest attention on a spa’s menu.


Bodywork combining exfoliation, herbal treatment, and light massage

Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Analysis is an approach to therapy focusing on the mind, body, and the energy flowing between them. It is based on the premise that the mind and body function as one.


A technique by which one can learn conscious control of biological processes by means of monitoring one’s physical responses.

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