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Meaning “universal life-force energy,” a scientific method of activating and balancing the life-force energy present in all living things. 

Rise Above the Circumstances When Re-Hiring

March 26, 2021

Getting back in the saddle is not easy. The thought of it might inspire movies and songs, but the actual engagement can be tough. Think about what it’s like to exercise after months of not doing so; it’s challenging, to say the least! Not much may differ in sentiment for people returning to the workforce after the forced hiatus of COVID-19. Sentiment will carry over into the hiring flow, particularly as it relates to the manner in which layoffs/furloughs were handled. Spas and resource partners who communicated well, handled people as kindly as possible and were transparent about organizational stability will likely do better with re-hiring. Trust is a commodity that will still be a valuable currency. Those former employees who return or who have returned will be a mouthpiece for positivity to others who are added. They will be passionate about what kind of team is in place.


A technique developed by Ida Rolf of deep muscular manipulation and massage for the relief of rigid muscles, bones and joints. It is designed to improve energy flow and relieve stress most often related to emotional trauma.

A complete Rolfing treatment consists of a series of ten sessions which progress from superficial to deeper layers of tissue and from localized areas of constriction to an overall reorganization of larger body segments. This method of intensive manipulation may sometimes be experienced as painful. See also Deep Tissue Massage.

Ropes Course

Outdoor activities that consist of elements that are high and low to the ground and are designed for  personal or team development.

Rubenfeld Synergy Method

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method was developed by healer Ilana Rubenfeld and uses gentle touch, movement, verbal exchange and imagination to access memories and emotions locked in the body.

Run a 5-Step Social Media Scan

March 16, 2021

If someone had walked up to you at the ISPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas last September, and told you how much our lives were about to completely change, would you have believed them? I don’t think I would have! Let me ask you this: Just as you’ve had to evolve the way that you live and work and eat and learn—have you also evolved the way that you are now posting about your business, your brand, your products and services?

Salt Body Exfoliation and Wrap

The body is rubbed with a vigorous, abrasive scrub, consisting of coarse salt usually mixed with essential oils and water. A salt exfoliation cleanses pores and removes dead skin. It is usually followed by a gentle shower and body moisturizer. 

Sample Press Release

March 28, 2017

Distributing a press release with the launch of a new spa, spa offering, product, community partnership, etc. is key to garnering exposure for your announcement.


Using electric heaters and igneous rocks as a heat source, saunas are usually wood-lined, enclosed rooms with the intention of inducing sweat in order to promote healing, open the skin’s pores and flush out toxins.

Scalp and Hair Treatment

A treatment which includes a thorough cleansing, conditioning and scalp massage that leaves hair shiny and full of body.

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