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Cardiovascular Testing & Training

A stress test usually involves walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike your heart rhythm, blood pressure and breathing are monitored. An alternative method of cardiac testing is through the use of a drug that mimics the effects of exercise.

Carrie Ummel: Personalizing Your Retail Space to Captivate Consumers

September 14, 2023

Learn how to identify your spa’s personality, curate brands to support your spa’s unique experience and tell a story with your merchandising to keep guests coming back for more. These tools will help create a winning strategy for an enjoyable shopping experience, while turning merchandise and increasing sales.

Pulse: Is there an accepted rule for how many product suppliers should be represented in a spa? Is it based on unit sales, physical space, or other considerations?

Carrie Ummel: There are so many factors to include in this decision. For me, the physical space, the spa treatments and resort experiences are the three factors I start with when determining how many vendors and products to offer in the retail experience. When considering the physical space, it is just as important to “protect” the arrival experience and boutique space with a calm and inviting atmosphere as it is to fill it with the right product.

The menu of experiences our guests choose from help to form the categories of vendors to include. For example, if fitness machines and classes are not a part of the spa experience offered to guests, then I consider cozy lounge wear versus activewear. Or, if the spa and resort rooms do not have bathtubs, I skip the bath bombs. Stay true to the moments your guest can and will have while on property.

CBD: Safety is important when sourcing

October 21, 2019

With the advent of a booming CBD industry, everybody—from consumers to suppliers to vendors—seems to want in on the magic. 

Cellulite Toning and Contouring

Using non-invasive approach, cellulite toning and contouring helps to shed excess pounds while tightening the skin and shaping the body.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

September 5, 2023

The pandemic and other challenges over the last few years have fundamentally changed the spa and wellness industry. Our future has never been brighter, but is not without its challenges. With this new status quo come significant opportunities to change not only the way we think about spa and wellness services, but also our guests, services, interactions and retail products.

Spa owners frequently share they are struggling to meet the increased demand for services. Recovery is still “bumpy,” but a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes regarding the importance of self-care and wellness clearly has occurred. A recent study by Ipsos reported a majority of Americans are more concerned about their health than before the pandemic.1 Lifestyle, spa and wellness services have moved from the perception of a luxury experience to becoming a part of an individual’s healthy regimen for prevention and maximum wellbeing. In short, this trend can be summed up by a frequently seen quote on social media, wall art and more: “Self-care is not selfish.” In our new reality, the integration of mental health or mental fitness cannot be separated from spa or wellness services.

So how will you pivot and reboot your business to adapt, adjust and ultimately benefit from this trend? Let’s explore some of the major influences and challenges ahead.


Champi, Indian Head Massage


The art of receiving information, often while in a trance state, from a source, usually someone no longer alive.

Checklist for Deliberate Onboarding

June 23, 2017

A comprehensive checklist for onboarding new employees.

Chi (Qi) Gong

A Chinese system of breathing exercises, body postures and movements, and mental concentration, intended to maintain good health and control the flow of vital energy.

Chi Nei Tsang

A Taoist system of abdominal massage that focuses on the navel center of the body.

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