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Shiatsu (Massage)

Means “finger” (shi) “pressure” (atsu), a cross between acupuncture and massage developed in Japan by Tokujiro Namikoshi in the 1940s.


The pouring of medicated oils on the forehead, a modality used in ayurvedic medicine to eliminate ama (physical impurities).

Showing Appreciation is Often Overlooked (Elevate Your LeadershipPart V)

December 18, 2019

There is an alarming gap in the work place. The majority of employees don’t feel apprecaited at their job, while the majority of bosses feel they show appreciation to their employees. Why is that? How can it be fixed?

Sitz Bath

A bathtub shaped like a chair in which the hips and lower body are immersed in herbal hot water, followed by cold water, while soaking feet in water alternating from cold to hot to stimulate the immune system.

Skin Mask (Masque)

A preparation usually applied to the face and neck to stimulate local circulation, tone, cleanse and tighten pores and remove dry skin. Ingredients are varied to accommodate specific needs of one’s skin type and condition.

Sleep Program

It is a unique spa offering with overnight accommodations designed to help people get the healthy sleep, reduce stress levels, and rejuvenate.

Social Media Secrets for Attracting Millennials

March 28, 2017

Social Media Secrets for Attracting Millennials    BY ERIN GARGAN

DISCLAIMER: I was born in 1982, which means I am just barely a millennial. I also have a serious spa addiction and run a social media agency. 


A stress management regimen comprised of relaxation techniques and dynamic movements.

Sound Therapy

The use of Sound Therapy in its many manifestations is believed to create emotional, mental and physical balance through the vibration or resonance of sound or in some instances the absence of sound.

Spa Management Risk Allocation — What is Market & What is Fair?

September 6, 2018

Read Gerry Hickel’s thorough examination of the do’s and don’ts of spa management contracts.

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