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Meaning “universal life-force energy,” a scientific method of activating and balancing the life-force energy present in all living things. 

Rejuvenation Spa: Bringing Wellness and Beauty

November 2, 2023

Located in the heart of Wisconsin’s capital, Rejuvenation Spa is dedicated to the art of achieving its name by providing guests with a restorative wellness experience. “Rejuvenation Spa serves as an oasis of relaxation and self-care amidst the bustling city life,” says Spa Manager Alexandria Benter. “Located conveniently within the city, it provides easy access for urban dwellers to unwind and recharge. With a focus on wellness and rejuvenation, the day spa aligns with Madison’s health-conscious and vibrant community, catering to those seeking holistic well-being and a respite from the urban hustle and bustle.”

Revamped Talent Toolkit Arriving This Summer

September 5, 2023

The new ISPA talent toolkit will arm professionals with the key tools they need for success in a spa industry where talent recruitment and engagement are at the forefront of focus. Developed by ISPA and member volunteers, the Talent Toolkit will equip spas with the guidance and resources to create effective communication, recruit and interview employees, create in-depth job descriptions and much more.


The toolkit will go live on the ISPA website for members this summer. ISPA members should log in at, then find the Talent Toolkit under the “Resources” tab. Sections of the ISPA Talent Toolkit.

Reviving Mental Vitality: Tools to Rejuvenate Mental Energy and Banish Burnout

September 14, 2023

Burnout can be managed both personally and professionally—in the home and in the workplace. Individuals can manage burnout by strategies like progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, diaphragmatic breathing, meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction. It can also be managed by the type of foods you eat, the amount of sleep you get, vigorous experience and managing substance use. It’s also important to understand your social needs: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Find your friends and be aware of isolation and loneliness. Recognize your spiritual and psychological needs: Find time to do partake in quiet reflection or religious/spiritual practice, spend time outdoors, practice gratitude, be of service to others and give time or resources to something you care about. Organizational strategies are important to managers to ensure their organization is not on the path to burnout. It’s imperative to gather feedback to understand what’s working, what’s not working and what motivates or drains your teams.

Rise Above the Circumstances When Re-Hiring

March 26, 2021

Getting back in the saddle is not easy. The thought of it might inspire movies and songs, but the actual engagement can be tough. Think about what it’s like to exercise after months of not doing so; it’s challenging, to say the least! Not much may differ in sentiment for people returning to the workforce after the forced hiatus of COVID-19. Sentiment will carry over into the hiring flow, particularly as it relates to the manner in which layoffs/furloughs were handled. Spas and resource partners who communicated well, handled people as kindly as possible and were transparent about organizational stability will likely do better with re-hiring. Trust is a commodity that will still be a valuable currency. Those former employees who return or who have returned will be a mouthpiece for positivity to others who are added. They will be passionate about what kind of team is in place.

Rita Barreto: Help Your Company Shine in a Competitive Talent Market

September 14, 2023

What can make a difference in your business is the people you hire. In this session, learn how to up your game when attracting and retaining talent. The lessons and tools you’ll receive will help your company stand out, retain talent and attract new clientele.

Pulse: When should spas recruit promising but untrained individuals to the team, and when should they hold out for proven talent?

Rita Barreto: It depends. Hiring for attitude vs. talent has been a challenge faced by leaders for years and chances are you don’t have time to train. Also, some positions require proven experience with specific skills. The bottom line: If you want to be the best, you MUST have the RIGHT ATTITUDE! I’d say, open your recruiting pool, hire for attitude when you can—it can’t be taught, skills can! Be sure to ask questions about the competencies important to your spa: teamwork, communication, commitment to excellence and a can-do attitude! Next, put in place a fast-track mentoring program for current and new talent. Development opportunities are top on employee lists of what they want in a position and it drives retention of talent.


A technique developed by Ida Rolf of deep muscular manipulation and massage for the relief of rigid muscles, bones and joints. It is designed to improve energy flow and relieve stress most often related to emotional trauma.

A complete Rolfing treatment consists of a series of ten sessions which progress from superficial to deeper layers of tissue and from localized areas of constriction to an overall reorganization of larger body segments. This method of intensive manipulation may sometimes be experienced as painful. See also Deep Tissue Massage.

Ropes Course

Outdoor activities that consist of elements that are high and low to the ground and are designed for  personal or team development.

Rubenfeld Synergy Method

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method was developed by healer Ilana Rubenfeld and uses gentle touch, movement, verbal exchange and imagination to access memories and emotions locked in the body.

Run a 5-Step Social Media Scan

March 16, 2021

If someone had walked up to you at the ISPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas last September, and told you how much our lives were about to completely change, would you have believed them? I don’t think I would have! Let me ask you this: Just as you’ve had to evolve the way that you live and work and eat and learn—have you also evolved the way that you are now posting about your business, your brand, your products and services?

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