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Fitness Assessment

This is an overall evaluation of the body’s state, measuring such aspects as flexibility, aerobic capacity, muscular fitness and body composition.

Five Tips to Increase Spa Retail Sales

June 21, 2017

When I consult with spa managers in the United States they often tell me that their number one problem is getting their staff to sell retail products. The past three years spent working in Asia has shown me that the same challenges exist.

Float Therapy

Floating, also known by the clinical name R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy/Treatment/Technique), is an experience of weightlessness that is acquired by lying quietly in a dark tank, suspended in a warm solution of water and Epsom salt. The solution is about 10″ deep and so dense that you float effortlessly.

Foot Bath

A bath for cleansing, warming, soothing or disinfecting the feet.

Forbes Five Star Q&A

September 5, 2023

The Forbes Five-Star criteria for spas has undergone major changes recently. Michael Conte, Forbes Travel Guide’s senior executive trainer, recently joined an ISPA Town Hall to discuss what those changes are, and to offer advice on how to ensure our spas provide extraordinary and extremely personalized services to obtain or keep those Five-Star ratings. ISPA Chair Patrick Huey moderated the event.

Four Takeaways from Shine On with Dr. Cindy Geyer

March 16, 2021

IN DECEMBER OF 2020, Dr. Cindy Geyer joined the ISPA community to share with us her professional insights regarding holistic wellness in the spa workplace. A veteran clinician with more than 20 years’ experience at Canyon Ranch Lenox, in Lenox, Massachusetts, Dr. Geyer spoke to ISPA Chairman Patrick Huey about building up resilience to stress and supporting your team’s mental well-being along the way.

Galvanic Facial

A specialized pre-treatment gel with a negative charge is applied to clean, dry skin.

Gastein Cure

Radon treatments taken at the spas of the Gastein Valley in Austria. Radon is a radioactive inert gas which is absorbed into the body, stimulates organic functions and promotes glandular secretion without radiation damage.

Getting Organized and Quickly Improving Productivity at Work

March 7, 2024

Pulse: As a Knowledge Builder presenter at the 2024 ISPA Conference, you will address the ISPA membership about organizing our professional lives. Share a little about what that means.

Andrew Mellen: Calling BS on “busy”—sharing strategies and best practices to maximize efficiency and productivity without becoming a robot or soulless automaton. We’ll dive deep into time management and the “8 Deadly Time Thieves”—interruptions, overcommitting, poor planning, multitasking, email, meetings, social media and procrastination.


Giving Voice to Employee Engagement

September 5, 2023

Employees tell us one of the biggest factors in their decision to continue in their role or leave for greener pastures is whether they believe their voice is being heard. Human resources experts take that a step further, saying retention rates are tied to overall employee engagement: If workers feel they are an integral part of their organization, they remain loyal. When they feel marginalized, they start to consider moving on.

Spa leaders are wise to build trust with their staff and to be purposeful about communicating with their team members individually and as a cohesive group. A great way to ensure you’re creating a team-friendly atmosphere is to focus on five tenets of employee engagement.

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