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September 2018 Snapshot Survey – Marketing

November 27, 2018

Topic of focus – Technology in the Workplace

When asked which advertising methods they used, the majority of spa respondents identified email (83 percent) and social media (92 percent) as methods they used to market their services. Email was slightly more common among day spa respondents than hotel/resort spa respondents, at 93 percent and 78 percent respectively. A majority of hotel/resort spa respondents also identified magazine advertising as a method they used (51 percent). Similarly, resource partner respondents identified social media (95 percent), email (85 percent) and magazine (51 percent) as their top advertising methods.

September 2020 Snapshot Survey — Retail Trends

December 15, 2020

As spas continue to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, retail sales have become a more central part of the conversation about how they can diversify and supplement other revenue streams. ISPA’s September Snapshot Survey asked respondents to share information about retail trends in their spas.

Service Fees, Gratuities and Pricing Structures

September 5, 2023

In an ongoing trend, more spas—especially luxury resorts—are adding automatic service charges to guests’ statements. The additional proceeds largely benefit spa employees, augmenting the general compensation structure that traditionally has included commissions and an hourly rate. Since coming out of the pandemic, some spas are even seeing an increase in the service charge amount.

An ISPA Town Hall session this winter featured a great discussion about the diverse structures of service fees and gratuities that other members are implementing—focusing on what’s working or not working well. Panelists Pat[1]rick McDirmit (Trilogy Spa Holdings), Suzanne Holbrook (Marriott International) and Taylor Fields (PCH Hotels & Resorts) joined ISPA Chair Patrick Huey to share their insights and expertise.

Setting the Standard: Benchmark Data Report Reveals Key Spa Industry Insights

November 2, 2023

The spa industry entered 2022 still facing challenges from the effects of the pandemic. Though spa operating hours were no longer hugely affected by the pandemic, other issues had emerged, such as staffing difficulties and price inflation. A PwC-prepared report on the 2023 ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study focuses on how the industry met the challenge of sustaining the momentum in the recovery from the pandemic. In the following pages, we will review some of the main findings in the 2023 report and consider its utility in predicting and informing decisions about growth of individual spa businesses and the spa industry as a whole. Note that, while the Study and related report focus on the spa industry in the U.S., many of its themes and findings are applicable to the global spa community.

Shamanic Healing

Spiritual and natural healing performed by a medicine man or Shaman.

SHEETS 101: A Crash Course in Linen Management

March 26, 2021

If you stepped into—or are currently stepping into—a role in spa management with little idea of how to manage your spa’s linens, you’re not alone.


Shiatsu (Massage)

Means “finger” (shi) “pressure” (atsu), a cross between acupuncture and massage developed in Japan by Tokujiro Namikoshi in the 1940s.

Shining a Light on Retail: 5 Illuminating Secrets to Spa Product Sales

November 2, 2023

Using display lighting effectively in a spa’s retail area can significantly enhance the customer experience and showcase products to be irresistibly enticing. Here are five tips to achieve great lighting:


The pouring of medicated oils on the forehead, a modality used in ayurvedic medicine to eliminate ama (physical impurities).

Showing Appreciation is Often Overlooked (Elevate Your LeadershipPart V)

December 18, 2019

There is an alarming gap in the work place. The majority of employees don’t feel apprecaited at their job, while the majority of bosses feel they show appreciation to their employees. Why is that? How can it be fixed?

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