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Since 1991, the International SPA Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing health and wellness facilities and providers across the globe.

Members encompass the entire arena of the spa experience, from resort/hotel, destination, mineral springs, medical, club and day spas to service providers such as physicians, wellness instructors, nutritionists, massage therapists and product suppliers.

ISPA's Mission
ISPA advances the spa industry by providing invaluable educational and networking opportunities, promoting the value of the spa experience and speaking as the authoritative voice to foster professionalism and growth.

ISPA's Vision
To be the leader in promoting and enhancing the well-being of the spa industry and the people it serves.

ISPA's Definition of Spa
Spas are places devoted to overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.

There are lots of great reasons to join.
We call them our members.

We have different kinds of memberships.
But only one kind of member: important.

Join the leading global network of spa industry professionals and obtain access to cutting-edge research, data, networking opportunities, worldwide media exposure and much more. The International SPA Association is the source for all things spa with a door to a global network of peers. Becoming an ISPA member will help you grow both personally and professionally. On average, ISPA spa members' revenue is more than 2.5 times higher than nonmember spas and member spas have more than double the spa visits of nonmember spas.*

*Source: ISPA 2012 U.S. Spa Industry Study

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Each year, spa professionals from around the globe attend the ISPA Conference to become more knowledgeable and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. With three days of speaker presentations covering a range of topics including business strategy, customer service and management, attendees will find solutions to everyday business dilemmas. Aside from professional development the Conference floor offers the latest spa products available on the market to set your business apart. At the spa industry's "must-attend" event, Conference veterans and new attendees alike join to connect with each other, gain insight and inspiration and celebrate continued industry growth.

ISPA Conference

May 9-11, 2023 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV, USA
April 23-25, 2024 | Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ, USA

When it comes to providing resources,
we’re pretty resourceful.

If you’re looking to arm yourself with tools
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You deliver spa experiences that help customers reduce stress and be their best self. ISPA does the same for spa professionals. Since 1991, ISPA has provided educational resources and research to help spa professionals find solutions to everyday business challenges. Knowledge is powerful and acts as a key ingredient for successful spas. Let ISPA help you build your knowledge base and achieve business balance.

Of all the spa industry trends,
joining ISPA is our favorite.

You don’t have to be a photographer to get exposure.

ISPA has been building relationships with media outlets around the world on behalf of members since 1991. The organization has established a reputation for supplying relevant, accurate information about the spa industry to journalists as well as keeping members informed of business issues and trends in Pulse magazine. Journalists interested in learning more about the spa industry can find a wealth of information including press releases, industry news, multimedia and important facts and statistics.

The spa industry is healthy. We know
because our finger is on its pulse.

A Magazine that has its own heartbeat.

As the official publication of the International SPA Association, Pulse serves as the preeminent resource of expert insights, trends, tools and research to help spa professionals create innovative solutions and make informed business decisions. Pulse is your source for spa business solutions as well as a medium for personal exploration. Whether it's an in-depth look at the latest spa industry trends or tips on balancing your personal and professional lives, look to Pulse for valuable insight. We rely on you, the association's members, to lend your expertise, so please continue to let us know your thoughts.

Pulse magazine is a fabulous platform to reach our most active partner spas. The resources and articles are always business-centric. The publication truly has a “pulse” on what is happening in the spa industry today.”

— Shannon McLinden, FarmHouse Fresh

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We call it a family.

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Learn what drives the spa industry's leaders, innovators, and pioneers on the all-new People of IPSA website and walk away with new ideas, new passions, and newly inspired confidence in what you can accomplish. You may even end up taking the world by surprise... or you might just surprise yourself.

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A resource where you can find your
most valuable resource.

ISPA Careers offers a place where individuals can seek employment in the spa industry and where ISPA members can fill open positions. ISPA members can post an unlimited number of job openings for their active member property at one time. Job postings are kept live for 30 days but can be edited and extended during that period.

Searching open positions and applying online are features available to everyone and does not require being a member of ISPA. Please note, all applications submitted to the job openings will be sent directly to the contact at the listing organization and not to ISPA.

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International Spa Association

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Lexington, KY 40504 USA

Phone: 1.859.226.4326 | Toll Free: 1.888.651.ISPA(4772) | Fax: 1.859.226.4445 | Email: ispa@ispastaff.com

ISPA representatives make presentations and provide other information to the public by request. Contact ispa@ispastaff.com to request an ISPA speaker and/or resources.