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Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy

Developed by fitness expert Bonnie Prudden in 1976, this bodywork method is intended to relax muscle spasms, improve blood circulation and diminish pain.

Breath Therapy

An umbrella term covering a broad range of therapeutic approaches that emphasize the importance of breathing and its potential to affect human health.

Breema Bodywork

Originated in the mountains of Kurdistan. Practitioners of this method view the body as an energy system, although its meridians are not the same as those identified in the healing arts of China.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Staff: Key Tips to Overcome Any Barrier

September 14, 2023

It was such a treat to be back presenting at ISPA. Thank you to all the amazing attendees who gave the gift of their time and attention, and came with open hearts and minds to my session. If you were not able to make it, here are five top takeaways:

1 The question is not how to bring about the best in our staff, but rather, How can we create an environment where our team can bring all of themselves to work? We must focus on what we can do to create a workspace where our team can do their best work, and flourish and thrive.

2 What makes a “best job ever” comes down to one word—and it isn’t money. When people feel what they do has significance and the work they do matters, their sense of job satisfaction increases dramatically.

3 When we can align the tasks needed to run our business with the strengths of our staff—as opposed to their job description—both engagement and enjoyment will flourish. If you are not sure where the true strengths of your team reside, listen with your eyes. When people work inside their strengths:

  • Inflection will rise
  • Speech will become more rapid
  • Posture will improve
  • Eyes will be wide, and eyebrows raised
  • Smiling and laughing will occur naturally
  • Hand gestures will increase
  • Speech will become more fluent

Brush/Glove/Loofah Exfoliation (Brush and Tone, Loofah Body Scrub)

Dry exfoliation of the skin, is intended to remove dead layers and impurities while stimulating circulation.

Building Your Spa’s Brand on LinkedIn: Best Practices for Thought Leadership & Networking

September 5, 2023

Over the past three pandemic years, an increasing number of professionals have turned to LinkedIn to do their due diligence before meeting someone (either virtually or in person). This puts you in a position to win or lose based on what they find on your profile and your activity on the network.

When this marketing tool first came onto the scene in 2003, a lot of professionals thought of it as an online resume. But it is so much more than that.

Fast forward 20 years and, post-lockdown, more professionals than ever are turning to LinkedIn to position themselves (and their companies) as industry leaders.

It is considered an invaluable personal branding platform—one that provides you with visibility and the opportunity to build thought leadership by being a trusted voice in the spa industry.

“LinkedIn has grown wildly since 2003. I call it the modern take on the old Rolodex,” explains Ginger McLean, director of spa operations at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. “I’m on the platform daily as it’s a credible professional network and resource for me.”

Research performed by Texas-based FrogDog found more than 75 percent of C-level executives log onto LinkedIn at least multiple times per month and can be considered “active” users.

However, the research goes on to report that what interested these executives more than recruiting, marketing and sales tools were the networking opportunities available through the platform.

LinkedIn is a place where like-minded professionals can connect to share ideas and brainstorm solutions to common challenges.

Cannabis and CBD Come Full Circle

December 13, 2018

Sherrie Tennessee examines the history of cannabis, dispels misconceptions about the plant and offers insight on CBD retail.

Cannabis Treatments

Other Name(s):
Cannabidiol, CBD treatments

Definition of Offering:
Spa treatments using CBD oil or lotion for analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety purposes.

Carbon Dioxide Bath

A bath taken in water that is saturated with carbon dioxide.

Cardiovascular Testing & Training

A stress test usually involves walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike your heart rhythm, blood pressure and breathing are monitored. An alternative method of cardiac testing is through the use of a drug that mimics the effects of exercise.

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