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Be a Mountain Climber: Key Tips to Overcome Any Barrier

September 14, 2023

Face your mountain. Mountains can discourage you, but mountains in the spa industry consist of how we attract great people, how we keep them, and how we help them thrive. In his Knowledge Builder Session at the 2023 ISPA Conference, Dr. Bryan K. Williams joined attendees to discuss tips to over overcome any barrier.

Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, or motivation theory, is how you get people to do what they want to do. It attributes two factors to motivating action: hygiene factors and motivation factors. Most recruitment is based on hygiene factors—ones related to job satisfaction such as compensation, job security, benefits, company policies and workplace conditions. These factors will attract people who just want a job. Motivation factors consist of challenging work, opportunity for personal growth, personal responsibility, recognition, sense of belongingness and sense of purpose. These factors tend to attract people who want to stay and thrive at their job.

Beer Bath

Other Name(s):
Hops Bath, Brew Bath

Definition of Offering:
Bathing in a tub of warm beer.

Behavior Modification Therapy

Programs designed to eliminate harmful personal habits such as smoking and substance abuse by teaching people how to change lifelong habits in order to become healthier and more at peace with themselves.

Ben Nemtin: Making the Impossible Possible

September 14, 2023

“By doing what you love, you actually inspire other people to do what they love—and that ripple effect continues more than you will ever know.” That was the advice Ben Nemtin shared with ISPA Conference attendees in May, and also a personal philosophy he has put into action by encouraging others to create and accomplish a “life’s bucket list.”

“There’s also a ripple effect when you help someone,” Ben continued. “Because you aren’t just helping that one person. You help their friends, you help their family, you help everyone who comes in touch with them. Kindness is contagious—because of the ripple effect. A smile creates a ripple.”

Ben, who received ISPA’s Alex Szekely Humanitarian Award prior to his keynote address, had the spa industry in mind as he discussed the ripple effect of kindness. “The work you do day in, day out, helps people reduce stress, increase resilience, bolster mental health,” he told ISPA members. “The problem is, the day-to-day stress, the pace, makes it difficult to contribute to that ripple.”

Best Menu Placement Layout

March 4, 2019

This graphic highlights areas of highest attention on a spa’s menu.


Bodywork combining exfoliation, herbal treatment, and light massage

Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Analysis is an approach to therapy focusing on the mind, body, and the energy flowing between them. It is based on the premise that the mind and body function as one.


A technique by which one can learn conscious control of biological processes by means of monitoring one’s physical responses.

Body Composition Analysis

In this test, a measuring device is used and a computerized evaluation is made of lean body mass to determine the % of body fat to muscle. Nutrition and fitness programs are formatted accordingly to the results.

Body Scrub (non-product)

Body scrubs remove the upper layer of dead skin, leaving the skin soft. Types include herbal, loofah, clay and salt.

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