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Scotch Hose

The Scotch Hose is an invigorating hydrotherapy treatment. The use of alternating warm and cool water, through a high velocity water wand (or hose), is controlled by a body treatment specialist. Scotch Hose units work to speed up the client’s metabolism through hot and cold pressurized water and direct contact to the client’s specific points of pressure.

Seaweed (Body) Wrap

Similar to herbal wraps combined with heat packs, using sea water and seaweed with a balance of the ocean’s nutrients; minerals, rare trace elements, vitamins and proteins, which are soaked into the blood stream, to revitalize skin and body.

Selecting and Managing Your Retail Inventory

June 16, 2017

Managing one’s retail inventory is a critical part to a spa’s profitability. “Making good inventory decisions should always be based on demand and sales history,” says Linda Mahramnia, retail buyer at Spa Gregorie’s located in Newport Beach, California. “I firmly believe in a product life cycle, like a bell curve. You have to know when to buy, when to maximize and when to decrease product [orders].”

September 2015 Snapshot Survey – What ISPA Members are Exploring

December 13, 2016

Topic of Focus – What ISPA Members are Exploring

The ISPA community is continuously seeking new concepts, products and business practices that will keep their offerings fresh and relevant.

September 2016 Snapshot Survey – Marketing

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Marketing Monthly Snapshot Surveys provide ISPA members with a valuable look into the state of the spa industry, spa industry trends and help to identify the needs of spa professionals. Snapshot Surveys are conducted on the third Friday of each month, with full results provided only to respondents two weeks from the release date of the survey. Knowledge is a valuable tool and these quick surveys provide a wealth of information shared by ISPA’s members. The September Snapshot Survey requested information from spa members relating to marketing.      

September 2017 Snapshot Survey – Spa Treatment Trends

March 6, 2018

Topic of focus – Spa Treatment Trends

The majority of spa respondents (58 percent) offer more than 10, but less than 40 treatments on their spa menu. Of these treatments, the most popular treatment times are 50 minutes (51 percent) and 60 minutes (37 percent) long. For Day Spa respondents, the most popular treatment time was 60-minutes (60 percent), while Resort/Hotel Spa respondents had slightly shorter times at 50 minutes (62 percent).

September 2018 Snapshot Survey – Marketing

November 27, 2018

Topic of focus – Technology in the Workplace

When asked which advertising methods they used, the majority of spa respondents identified email (83 percent) and social media (92 percent) as methods they used to market their services. Email was slightly more common among day spa respondents than hotel/resort spa respondents, at 93 percent and 78 percent respectively. A majority of hotel/resort spa respondents also identified magazine advertising as a method they used (51 percent). Similarly, resource partner respondents identified social media (95 percent), email (85 percent) and magazine (51 percent) as their top advertising methods.

September 2020 Snapshot Survey — Retail Trends

December 15, 2020

As spas continue to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, retail sales have become a more central part of the conversation about how they can diversify and supplement other revenue streams. ISPA’s September Snapshot Survey asked respondents to share information about retail trends in their spas.

Shamanic Healing

Spiritual and natural healing performed by a medicine man or Shaman.

SHEETS 101: A Crash Course in Linen Management

March 26, 2021

If you stepped into—or are currently stepping into—a role in spa management with little idea of how to manage your spa’s linens, you’re not alone.


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