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Tell a Story with Boutique Brands

March 26, 2021

Consumers want great stories. They want a story they can believe—something they can grasp, invest and hold stake in. It is a spa professional’s responsibility, then, to define and tell a great story in the context of their spa. Great stories command attention, and when you can gain your consumer’s attention, their dollar is not far behind.


Traditional massage without oil that utilizes pressure on pressure points, muscles and ligaments and manipulations to elongate the spine, stretch joints and relieve tension. Elicits a feeling of well being, energy and flexibility.

Thai Face Slapping

Other Name(s):
Massage Boxing, Face Slapping Natural, Face Slapping Facial

Definition of Offering:
A treatment that includes pinching and working the skin with light slaps to shrink pores and remove wrinkles.

Thalassotherapy Bathing

Thalassotherapy uses the healing and beneficial properties of the sea (which is rich in minerals, micro elements and vitamins) and the marine environment for health and wellbeing. Thalassotherapy baths when heated up to just over 90 degrees Fahrenheit have various therapeutic benefits.

The Business Case for Strong Workplace Culture

September 5, 2023

Whether good, bad or unremarkable, every company has a unique workplace culture. Distinct from corporate ethos or organizational values, “culture comes to life in subtle ways—through shared social norms, beliefs and practices,” Gallup finds. “It’s this intangible (often unspoken) nature of culture that can make it difficult to measure and manage.”

“Culture can seem elusive because it’s rooted in patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors—in the abstract, not the concrete,” the report finds. But while the philosophical nature of workplace culture eludes those of us who prefer the crisp analysis of hard data, great leaders know “it matters to employees and customers alike, affecting outcomes for organizations every day.”

The Complexities of Spa Employment: The Limitations of Independent Contractors

September 5, 2023

For two years, the industry has puzzled, Where have the workers gone? and even more, How do we get them back? The refrain has grown louder: We are hiring! Experts have been called in to consider other questions: not only How do we find people to fill these roles within spa world?, but How do we retain them so we don’t have to keep looking and expending resources?

A plethora of creative solutions has been offered: going straight to the source and hiring from schools, opening new education programs to broaden the pool of applicants, pursuing the Interstate Massage Therapy Compact (IMpact) to remove licensure obstacles in hopes it will broaden the talent scope, recruiting international talent and offering flexibility and incentives to lure workers. These ideas are well intentioned, and each may meet the needs of a particular environment to achieve the ultimate operational goals; but they may open the door to unexpected legal pitfalls. A bit of caution and consultation in your jurisdiction may be helpful to ensure long term planning and success.

The Facial Upsell

June 12, 2018

My definition of a great facial is when I fall asleep. Once I make it past the torture of the pore extractions, I settle in to a peaceful, meditative state. If I have to ask if I was purring (because, of course, I don’t snore), then it was an exceptional experience. 

The Great Attraction, Part 2: Adapting the Renaissance to the Real World

September 5, 2023

In a town hall meeting recapped in the final issue of Pulse last year, four panelists discussed “The Great Attraction: Turning Resignation into Renaissance.” Their focus was making workplaces attractive to prospective and existing employees.

Recently, ISPA Chairman Patrick Huey asked a new panel of spa leaders to continue the conversation about applying exceptional hiring practices to attract and retain talent. Charlotte Prescott (Fisher Island Club), Marci Howard-May (Red Mountain Resort), Megan Jasper (Gadabout SalonSpas and VerVe Salons) and Justin Vanderpoel (Fairmont Scottsdale Princess) offered perspectives from their own spas about implementing the “renaissance” into a post-Covid world that has new demands and expectations.

The Importance of Love (Elevate Your Leadership Pt. II)

December 18, 2019

Do you come to work every day with love in your heart? Not the romantic kind, but rather the kind of love that shows you have intense passion for what you are doing.

The Missing Link on LinkedIn

December 16, 2016

The Missing Link on LinkedIn – How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence to Build Connections

By: Debra Jason

Are you baffled by LinkedIn? If so, you’re not alone. Many spa executives, directors and owners who initially accepted invites from colleagues to join the network may often be left thinking, “What’s next?”

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