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COVID-19: Spa Sanitation & Hygiene Standards

July 29, 2020
This document will serve as an overview for the necessary sanitation and hygiene standards that will need to be considered prior to reopening.  As with all of these documents, the standards may be updated over time as circumstances change.

Delivering a WOW Experience

December 14, 2016

Delivering a Wow Experience – How to Create Exceptional Service Habits 

By Dr. Bryan Williams


It all begins with a thought. Thoughts turn into words, words turn into behaviors, and behaviors turn into habits. In fact, anything we consistently do will become a habit. Napoleon Hill wrote: “Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that.” It generally takes anywhere between three to four weeks of daily repetition to form a habit, but once it’s formed, it is very difficult to not do it. The mind doesn’t know if it’s a good or bad habit. Your mind just accepts whatever you feed it, and the habits ensue. To deliver a consistently exceptional service experience, there must be habits that are hardwired throughout your entire team.

Global Best Practices to Jumpstart Success

December 15, 2016

Global Best Practices to Jumpstart Success – How to Elevate Your Spa’s Wellness Programs

By Jean-Guy De Gabriac

There’s a reason why sharing best practices is important in our industry. Doing so ensures that we are able to identify the proven-and-tested solutions and ideas that can help us elevate our practice to a higher level and create the best possible standards for the spa industry. Sharing best practices, especially on how we plan, develop and deliver spa wellness programs and activities, will help us build tools, strategies and resources that can jumpstart success for our spa or business.

Handling ‘Colorful’ Conversations with Guests

June 12, 2017

Have you ever made a mistake with a customer? Of course you have!

How Spas Can Generate More Revenue for the Holidays

March 16, 2021

THE HOLIDAYS CAN BE AN ABUNDANT TIME FOR THE SPA INDUSTRY, and despite current restrictions, we are confident that with hard work, flexibility and creativity, you’ll navigate the busiest time of year and and—more importantly—increase sales at the spa.

How to Wow the First-Time Spa Goer

March 16, 2021

Spas around the world spent a significant portion of 2020 working to prepare for reopening. Grappling with the always-evolving challenges of the COVID-19 crisis meant implementing new sanitation protocols, rethinking budgets, streamlining the guest experience and, in many instances, simply finding a way to survive. Of course, the goal of all that hard work was to create the kind of safe, relaxing, rejuvenating environments that have led millions of people to make spa visits a core part of their wellness routines.

Member Perspectives: Conquering Staffing Challenges During COVID-19

March 16, 2021

STAFFING HAS LONG BEEN AN ISSUE IN THE SPA INDUSTRY before the pandemic began: for years, data from the ISPA U.S. Spa Industry showed that there were more open positions than there were qualified applicants to fill them.

Mind and Body: How to Promote Mental Well-Being in Your Spa

March 16, 2021

Many people who enter the spa industry see themselves as healers by nature, whether they are working as a practitioner or creating products that are sold in a spa. That strong desire to help and take care of people is often the common thread between spa managers and vendors. When it comes to employees’ mental well-being, however, spa leaders must balance that impulse with a clear understanding of the limits of their role and the ability to recognize when employees may be best served by outside resources.

November 2015 Snapshot Survey – Gratuities and Fees

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Spa Gratuities and Service Fees

When asked whether their spas have automatic service fees/ charges, 45 percent of all spas responded yes; with only 15 percent of day spas saying yes; with only 15 percent of day spas saying yes compared to 56 percent of resort/hotel spas. 

November 2017 Snapshot Survey – Partnerships

March 6, 2018

Topic of focus – Partnerships

More than half of all spa respondents (52 percent) have partnered with a local business in 2017. This number was more than two-thirds for day spa respondents at 70 percent, compared to just 41 percent of Resort/Hotel Spas. For resource partner respondents, just 39 percent partnered with a local business, while the largest segment (55 percent) partnered with a national non-profit organization.

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