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August 2015 Snapshot Survey – Full-Time versus Part-Time Employees

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Full-Time versus Part-Time Employees

The headline numbers reveal an industry that provides employment for many people on a part-time basis, but that is also generous when converting to full-time.

August 2016 Snapshot Survey – Job Descriptions

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Job Descriptions

When asked which job positions had written descriptions almost all (99 percent) of all spas responded yes for both massage therapist and receptionist roles. 

Checklist for Deliberate Onboarding

June 23, 2017

A comprehensive checklist for onboarding new employees.

Code of Conduct

November 28, 2017

Although there are many spas around the world, each offering a unique experience, they are all devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. To enjoy your spa experience to the fullest, observe the Code of Conduct, act responsibly and be aware that common sense and personal awareness can help ensure your satisfaction, comfort and safety, as well as that of others.

Conversations with Seth Mattison

March 26, 2021

Mattison is a world-renowned expert on workforce trends and the generational change we’re currently experiencing in the workforce; his work tracks how shifting demographics will necessitate a new style of leadership. In his book, The War at Work, Mattison details how reimagining leadership and talent management for the 2020s is the key to building stronger, more effective teams.

Diversify Your Organizational Outreach

December 16, 2020

Whether recruiting new staff members or trying to reach out to under-represented communities as consumers, how should spas and resource partners break out of their bubble and incorporate diversity into those efforts?

Diversity and Inclusion Is Good for Business

December 16, 2020

Traditional hiring and recruiting practices often focus on credentials instead of skills, which means talented individuals who can successfully contribute to companies can be excluded from the process. However, there are several diverse groups–including veterans, people with disabilities, formerly incarcerated individuals and young people who have not completed postsecondary education–who could help address this talent gap.

Every Question Answered: The ISPA Talent Toolkit

September 7, 2023

WHO will find value in the ISPA Talent Toolkit?

This suite of resources arms spa owners and directors, human resources leaders and marketing and communication departments with the checklists, templates and guides they need for success with talent recruitment and engagement concerns that are at the forefront of focus in the spa industry.

WHAT is included in the Toolkit? The Talent Toolkit comes equipped with resources for every talent-related function of your spa business. Each toolkit section below lists some currently-available tools.

February 2016 Snapshot Survey – Employee Training

December 13, 2016

Topic of focus – Employee Training

Quality employee training is essential to the success of any business within the spa industry.  Spa members are offering a variety of training opportunities to ensure their clients receive the best experience possible.

Four Takeaways from Shine On with Dr. Cindy Geyer

March 16, 2021

IN DECEMBER OF 2020, Dr. Cindy Geyer joined the ISPA community to share with us her professional insights regarding holistic wellness in the spa workplace. A veteran clinician with more than 20 years’ experience at Canyon Ranch Lenox, in Lenox, Massachusetts, Dr. Geyer spoke to ISPA Chairman Patrick Huey about building up resilience to stress and supporting your team’s mental well-being along the way.

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