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Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 8.7 | Training, Education, and Licensing

July 30, 2020

The spa industry is a wonderful place for people who enjoy learning. Training and education are high priorities among spa professionals. For some positions, such as massage therapists and estheticians, this training and education must take place before obtaining a job, but learning does not stop once work begins.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 8.8 | Compensation and Benefits

July 30, 2020

Spa employees are commonly compensated in one of two ways: a traditional employer-employee arrangement or the less traditional, but still common, contracting spa–independent contractor relationship.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 8.9 | Beginning a Spa Career

July 30, 2020

While it may seem that a technical specialty like massage therapy or esthetics would be the logical opening to a spa career, these are not always necessary to spa success. For those looking to become spa managers, it may be possible to work up to a management position by starting at a lower-level position, learning the business, and then advancing in the field.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 9 | A Day in the Life of a Spa Director

July 31, 2020

Spa director careers are more rewarding and more challenging than many people realize. Spa directors—whether of day spas, resort spas, or destination spas—must master many diverse skill sets to be successful.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 9.1 | A Spa Director’s Roles and Relationships

July 31, 2020

Key elements of spa directors’ jobs can be broken down by the various groups with whom they interact.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 9.2 | Similarities and Differences Among Spa Types

July 31, 2020

Different types of spas present their directors with unique challenges and opportunities. These range from attracting guests to developing programs to meeting revenue goals. Knowing how resort spas, destination spas, and day spas differ may help a spa professional choose which spa segment is right for them.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 9.3 | A Day in the Life of Three Spa Directors

July 31, 2020

Every day, spa directors around the world deal with the challenges of leading employees, managing profitability, and serving guests. While there are many types of spas, this chapter will follow hypothetical directors at three of the most common types of spas: resort spas, destination spas, and day spas.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 9.4 | A Career That Makes a Difference

July 31, 2020

Spa director is one of the most demanding and rewarding careers in the spa industry. The job requires an extensive knowledge of all aspects of spa operations, from financial management and human resources to facilities management and marketing and public relations.

Staying Connected to Today’s Spa-Goer

July 11, 2024

Understanding spa-goers is paramount for industry professionals seeking to tailor experiences that resonate with their clientele and maximize profits. The 2024 ISPA Consumer Snapshot Report offers a comprehensive glimpse into the behaviors, preferences and priorities of today’s spa-goers, empowering professionals to stay connected to the nature and habits of their audience. While members can access the full, robust study in the ISPA Research Library at, the following five callouts are a helpful introduction to the study’s extensive findings.

Strategic Savings: Navigating the Tax Benefits of Section 179 for Spa Owners

January 4, 2024

In the ever-evolving spa and wellness industry, savvy owners are keen to optimize their financial strategies. Among various options, Section 179 of the tax code stands out. This underused provision offers significant tax advantages, serving as a key to financial growth for spa businesses.


A Financial Lifeline for Spa Owners Section 179 is a vital part of the IRS tax code for spa owners. It allows businesses to deduct the full cost of eligible equipment purchased within the tax year. This encompasses a wide range of assets, from luxurious massage tables to advanced skincare technology.

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