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Retail Management for Spas | Chapter 9.4 | Four Weeks From Opening

March 27, 2017

With only a month until opening day, everything starts to come together. Merchandise arrives, staff members begin training, and spa professionals ensure that all loose ends are tied up.

Retail Management for Spas | Chapter 9.5 | The Final Countdown

March 27, 2017

The last few weeks before opening may seem like crunch time, but spa professionals who have followed a solid six-month (or longer) pre-opening plan will feel well prepared for opening their doors to their guests. Only a few more details remain before celebrating a successful launch.

Retail Management for Spas: Chapter 1.3 Retail Partnerships

March 21, 2017

When it comes to retail, there are a lot of players who contribute to making it a success. There are partners, such as the media, financial institutions, local businesses, and charitable organizations, all of which can also help a spa business grow and succeed.

Revamped Talent Toolkit Arriving This Summer

September 5, 2023

The new ISPA talent toolkit will arm professionals with the key tools they need for success in a spa industry where talent recruitment and engagement are at the forefront of focus. Developed by ISPA and member volunteers, the Talent Toolkit will equip spas with the guidance and resources to create effective communication, recruit and interview employees, create in-depth job descriptions and much more.


The toolkit will go live on the ISPA website for members this summer. ISPA members should log in at, then find the Talent Toolkit under the “Resources” tab. Sections of the ISPA Talent Toolkit.

September 2017 Snapshot Survey – Spa Treatment Trends

March 6, 2018

Topic of focus – Spa Treatment Trends

The majority of spa respondents (58 percent) offer more than 10, but less than 40 treatments on their spa menu. Of these treatments, the most popular treatment times are 50 minutes (51 percent) and 60 minutes (37 percent) long. For Day Spa respondents, the most popular treatment time was 60-minutes (60 percent), while Resort/Hotel Spa respondents had slightly shorter times at 50 minutes (62 percent).

Service Fees, Gratuities and Pricing Structures

September 5, 2023

In an ongoing trend, more spas—especially luxury resorts—are adding automatic service charges to guests’ statements. The additional proceeds largely benefit spa employees, augmenting the general compensation structure that traditionally has included commissions and an hourly rate. Since coming out of the pandemic, some spas are even seeing an increase in the service charge amount.

An ISPA Town Hall session this winter featured a great discussion about the diverse structures of service fees and gratuities that other members are implementing—focusing on what’s working or not working well. Panelists Pat[1]rick McDirmit (Trilogy Spa Holdings), Suzanne Holbrook (Marriott International) and Taylor Fields (PCH Hotels & Resorts) joined ISPA Chair Patrick Huey to share their insights and expertise.

SHEETS 101: A Crash Course in Linen Management

March 26, 2021

If you stepped into—or are currently stepping into—a role in spa management with little idea of how to manage your spa’s linens, you’re not alone.


Sleep Tourism Spa Services

November 2, 2023

At the end of a 50-minute massage at the Underground Spa & Wellness at the Logan Hotel Philadelphia, a guest fell asleep; upon waking, he asked if he could stay a little longer.

While that might have been impossible at a spa where every room is booked throughout the day, the Underground told him he was welcome to stay.

He slept for hours.

When he left, he was filled with gratitude, telling them he’s never able to sleep and those few hours were like a dream.

He’s not alone.


Social Media In The Workplace- September 2023 Snapshot Survey

November 2, 2023

The September 2023 ISPA Snapshot Survey asked respondents to share details about their spa or company’s social media strategies and policies. The survey response highlights who manages the social media accounts, the most popular social media platforms used, areas promoted on social media and advertising on social media.


An active social media presence is critical for spa brands. Used nearly universally by spas and affiliated businesses is Instagram, at 99 per[1]cent. Other widely-utilized social media platforms for spa industry brands are Facebook (91 percent) and LinkedIn (54 percent).

Spa Management Risk Allocation — What is Market & What is Fair?

September 6, 2018

Read Gerry Hickel’s thorough examination of the do’s and don’ts of spa management contracts.

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