Bringing Out the Best in Your Staff

May 9, 2023 | 2:00 pm

Retention, engagement, consistency, energy and connection are just a few of the challenges we think about as we try to build strong, reliable and cohesive teams. However, the catalyst for sustainable and positive change will never be found in the problems, but rather in the space of appreciation, values, strengths, curiosity and positivity.

Uncertain times can open the way to adaptability and growth, but only when we are prepared to let go of the past and write a new manual for the ever changing future. Petra will talk about the power of appreciative inquiry, reflection versus rumination, the PERMA positivity principle and how to become a benefit finder versus a fault fixer as you navigate the ups and downs of today’s fast changing world.

Be ready to reignite your inspired leadership as you learn actionable strategies to help your team flourish and thrive.

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