2023 ISPA

Foundation Auctions

Donors from all walks of life helped the ISPA Foundation build a stunning inventory of Silent Auction offerings this year to raise funds for essential spa industry and consumer research studies.

Due to the generosity of our amazing donors and participants, the 2023 Auctions have collectively raised over $145,000. All proceeds of the Auctions will benefit the ISPA Foundation’s research initiatives and galvanize its mission to improve and enhance the value of the spa experience.

Receiving Your Items

Winning bidders will receive an invoice through the Handbid platform. Items will be shipped to the highest bidders after the invoice has been paid no later than June 2 using the address associated with the Handbid account. 

Contact Jessica Roberts at jessica.roberts@ispastaff.com for any questions regarding the 2023 ISPA Foundation Auctions.

Giving to the ISPA Foundation

There are additional ways you can contribute and support the ISPA Foundation, such as checking the box when you renew your annual ISPA membership to donate $25 to the ISPA Foundation, participating in ISPA Foundation events, volunteering your time and knowledge and purchasing ISPA Foundation materials. Through the generous contributions and support of ISPA Foundation donors, the Foundation has the power to move, grow and endure with lasting impact.

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