FarmHouse Fresh

FarmHouse Fresh Unscented Hand Sanitizer is offered in Gel and Liquid formulas built to the FDA Monograph. Sizes range from 8 oz. & 8 oz. value packs to 32 ounce and Gallon. Most orders ship the same day when placed before 12 Noon CST. Minimum order of $100.

Ashlee Stidman | ashlee@farmhousefreshgoods.com | 888.773.9626 ext. 703


Guests will be arriving seeking the human touch of a spa treatment in the clean, safe environment of a spa. For other transactional parts of the experience, guests will be seeking a Touchless Guest Journey that ResortSuite MOBILE can deliver—from mobile check-in and digital keys to mobile intake, menus, booking, itinerary, mobile ID and mobile payments.

Lauren Eathorne | sales@resortsuite.com | 416.259.0715

Springer-Miller Systems / SpaSoft

SpaSoft is an industry leading, all-in-one spa management solution, trusted by over 65% of the
world’s five-star spas. With real-time activities scheduling, online spa booking, and mobile
capabilities, SpaSoft is a solution truly built for the modern spa. Once a contract is signed, SpaSoft can implement the software in 4-6 weeks.

Theresa Hamberger | theresa_hamberger@springermiller.com | 702.529.1514

Gharieni USA, Inc

The illuminated Gharieni PlexiShield is the perfect solution to meet all strict hygiene requirements while working on facial treatments.

The thermoformed and ergonomic Gharieni PlexiShield can be easily attached to the metal frame under the head rest of all Gharieni spa tables series MLW and MO1. The direct connection to the frame ensures maximum leg space for the therapist while working on the head section. Any additional height adjustment is unnecessary, as the shield automatically adjusts to the height of the spa table. The distance between head rest and PlexiShield is also adjustable. If not in use, the shield can be detached and stowed easily and doesn`t waste space in your treatment room.

As option, the Gharieni PlexiShield comes with built-in LED lights, which are totally integrated in the Plexiglass. This way, the whole PlexiShield, incl. the LED lights is easy to clean and can be disinfected. Product will be available in August 2020.

Austin Song | support.usa@gharieni.com | 786.716.1498

CFE Services

CFE Services has worked hard to have everything you need for reopening: masks, gloves, wipes, hand sanitizers, powerful sanitizer solution, sprayers, signs and more. CFE Services is carefully maintaining their inventory of basic items like hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, equipment wipes and dispensers. These can ship right away.

Some products, like electrostatic sprayers, are experiencing huge demand spikes. CFE Services are receiving regular deliveries and making allocation plans with pre-orders to deliver them as soon as possible. The next shipment of electrostatic sprayers is arriving in July.

Chad May | cmay@cfeservices.co | 541.521.9485 

Living Earth Crafts

Living Earth Crafts has released a variety of new products to assist in the safety for the guests and spa staff. A Safe-Guard treatment shield attaches to the end of the table, protecting both client and service provider during supine treatments. A Flexa-Cover protective table covers for salon top tables. Washable Stretch-Guard Silicone Face Cradle Cover. EPA Registered silver ion technology, Anti-microbal FacePillow to aid in disinfecting. FDA Registered and CDC Formulated Hand Sanitizer in both Gallon and 8oz sizes. Bolster and rolling stool covers along with disposable face cushion covers and flannel or micro-fiber sheets.

Erica Coble | erica@livingearthcrafts.com | 760.597.3605

Fashionizer Spa Uniforms

Designed to protect you from touching your face, Fashionizer Spa has created washable, reusable wellness face masks come in a stylish variety of colors and fabrics. Fashionizer normally supplies uniforms to luxury spas and hotels all over the world. However, with the spread of COVID-19, they’re using their design skills and materials to contribute in their area of expertise. There may be a lead time for large orders.

Universal Companies | 800.558.5571

Skin Authority

In support of everyone on the frontline servicing customers while also keeping our communities safe, Skin Authority is launching two products to address new the sanitation guidelines as a result of COVID-19.

In an effort to make to be sure spa professionals and their guests’ skin isn’t compromised from wearing PPE, like masks and gloves, and washing/sanitizing your hands ALL the time when you get back to work. Skin Authority worked with their medical director, a surgeon who wears PPE all the time, to create PPE Relief Cream – an all natural cream formula enriched with Aloe, Shea Butter, Mango, Grape Seed, Cranberry, and Safflower, restores the moisture barrier and soothes chafing, irritation, and breakouts resulting from regular wearing of masks and gloves. This is available in a 1 oz retail size and 17 oz professional size. More information can be found at http://www.skinauthority.com/PPE-Relief-Cream

1.0 oz $19.99 SRP/$10.00 Wholesale
17.0 oz $69.00 Wholesale (not for resale)

To ensure spa professionals and their clients have access to hand sanitizer, which has become less accessible due to increased demand. Skin Authority has also produced a Hand Sanitizing Spray. This Antiseptic, 80% alcohol based, hand spray will work to decrease microbes on skin that could cause disease. More information can be found at http://www.skinauthority.com/Hand-Sanitizer.

3.3 oz. $9.99 SRP/$5.00 Wholesale

Hand Sanitizer Spray can only be shipped within the U.S.

Kristin Woods | Kristinv@Skinauthority.com | 760.268.0047 ext. 120

jane iredale – The Skincare Makeup

jane iredale is offering hand sanitizer that was developed in response to the immediate needs stemming from COVID-19. The hand sanitizer is formulated with 80% alcohol in accordance with the FDA’s current regulations. It is manufactured using USP grade ingredients consistent with World Health Organization recommendations and comes with a convenient spray top. Also available is a botanical brush cleaner, enhanced with grapefruit oil and seaweed extracts and quick-drying alcohol and witch hazel cleanser which instantly dissolves any build-up of makeup, oil and grime leaving your brushes clean, fluffy and sanitized. Containing 90% alcohol, it is ideal for cleaning natural and synthetic brushes in between washing them. Shipping from Massachusetts, delivery time may vary, but orders are processed within 2 days of receiving. 

Business Services Team | order@janeiredale.com | 800.817.5665

Functional Botanicals

Essential Wipes Plus is a biodegradable bamboo dry wipe infused with a specially formulated therapeutic blend of essential oils and castile soap, clinically proven to remove germs and disinfect. Starting out as a dry tablet (about the size of a nickel) add less than an ounce of water and it opens to an 8” x 11” durable antiseptic personal cleansing towelette. Unlike other wipes, Essential Wipes Plus starts out dry, allowing them to be lightweight, compact, and free of any chemical preservatives. Offer your guests a superior welcome or treatment experience while providing peace of mind in eliminating germs. All available for customization in essential oil blend or logo to private label for your brand and business. Standard retail and wholesale wipes will be shipped and received within 5-7 business days. Private labeling services require 4-6 weeks. Minimum order requirement is $300.

Cortney Devlin Olmstead | cortneyd@functionalbotanicals.com | 858.342.6731

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