With the changes 2020 brought to our industry, Zenoti’s product offers a touchless experience from check-in to check-out. Before they even set foot in the store, guests can fill out any needed information with Zenoti Digital Forms, reducing unnecessary touch. Zenoti Go offers touchless check-ins without long lines or hassles. Zenoti Connect offers two-way texting capabilities that allow customers and employees seamless communications. Zenoti Payments allows customers to pay and tip from their own trusted mobile devices.

Caroline Hess | carolineh@zenoti.com | 425.287.9459

VitaJuwel USA

VitaJuwel just introduced a glass dispenser with a stainless steel pump head that features a gempod filled with mix of precious crystals. Perfect for check-in areas and waiting areas to make hand sanitizer available in a beautiful way. Also great for massage oils. https://www.vitajuwel.us/soap-and-sanitizer-dispenser.html

Jan Eisen | jan.eisen@vitajuwel.com | 925.314.6649


Theragun is a handheld percussive therapy device that can be used during a massage treatment. Massage therapists can use the device directly on to their clients skin, without making physical contact with the body. All of Theragun attachments are non-porous closed cell foam and can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. The attachments can be used with lotions and oils and do not absorb moisture or sweat.

Supracor, Inc.

Naturally antimicrobial and allergen free, Supracor’s luxury SpaCells and Bath Mitts, featuring Stimulite honeycomb, stimulate blood flow and promote cellular renewal. The flexing action of the honeycomb cells cleanses, exfoliates and massages for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin. Extremely hygienic, Stimulite products can be easily sanitized using soap and warm water or an EPA disinfectant. 

Steven Landi | slandi@supracor.com | 408.432.1616, ext. 257

Kerstin Florian International

Kerstin Florian International is offering the Spa Wellness Anywhere Series. These kits redefine the spa experience with self-guided wellness rituals at exclusive values. Designed for SELF CARE ANYWHERE. These spa-exclusive kits are ideal for post-treatment, pre-packaged retail offerings, in-room self-spa treatments, and at-home experiences. The lead time on these kits is approximately 1-2 weeks. 

Orders subject to review and approval. Not available for additional discounts. Subject to availability and quantity limits. Refer to the order form for additional details. No more than 12 pieces per kit per order.

Chloe DeAngelis | cdeangelis@kerstinflorian.com | 949.595.4300, ext. 111

Hyperice Inc.

Hyperice is supporting ISPA partners with products that can assist therapists in coming back to work efficiently through the use of discounted self care devices.
Our products also offer the opportunity to provide a “no-contact” service for guests that may prefer this upon reopening. We have a number of products that can be used throughout treatment as add ons, or full service protocols that do not require direct contact if preferred.
We have created protocols, and descriptions for these services to make for an easy integration.

Hyperice has a full stock of all products, or products generally take about 3-5 business days to process. Warehouses are located on both the East, and West coasts, that are shipping every day. No quantity restrictions.

Paige Costello | pcostello@hyperice.com | 949.973.3430

The HydraFacial Company

New PPE Masks from HydraFacial with copper technology for added protection. Washable, reusable and comfortable. Perfect for spa professionals, hotel employees and guests. Minimum order of one 10-pack.

Hot Cherry Pillows

Hot Cherry Pillows offers new, minimal-touch natural, weighted, moist heat treatments. Add Hot Cherry Pillows to your new menu. Hot Cherry Pillows are completely machine washable hot packs, sanitized in microwave & hot towel warmer, minimal training needed, clients feel pampered & relaxed and spa treatments support retail sales. Along with this, Hot Cherry Pillows are green, sustainable and made in USA. Hot Cherry Pillows has an introductory offer of $100 off Hot Cherry pillows, net 60 terms, and free shipping for an entire year. (Available to new members only at hotcherry.faire.com.) Minimum orders of $150.

J’Nelle Holland | jnelle.holland@gmail.com | 805.682.7062

Celluma by BioPhotas

Celluma is the only light therapy device that offers disposable hygiene barriers. They are available in packs of 100 for $19.95 in the USA and can be purchased directly off the Celluma website: celluma.com . The company is also manufacturing Disposable Hygiene Face Masks which will also be available shortly.

Chelsea Bergeron | info@biophotas.com | 714.978.0080 

PROVERB Lifefuelled Skincare

Proverb Skincare offers Refillable Skin & Gym Hand Sanitizer and Eco Biodegradable Hand Towels which protect like sanitizer, but don’t smell like it. 70% alcohol, vegan natural Sanitizer with a beautiful aromatherapy pre-blend for positivity and mental focus. Full ‘Theatre of Sanitization’ manuals, team training videos for all areas of the hotel, spa and gym. Stay safe, reduce single-use plastic and add to the luxe client journey experience.

PROVERB Lifefuelled Skincare has high stock levels. Shipping is from UK and is authorized and very fast with FedEx. Proverb Skincare has all the legalities in place to sell in the US. Customers can anticipate 1- 2 day packing and then fedex delivery timings to your venue. For large spas and hotels with distribution centres this maybe even more simple. Proverb also has a fulfillment warehouse ready in Dallas if there is enough volume requirement from the US.

Kirstie Sherriff | kirstie@proverbskin.com | 00.44.(0).777.3776.797

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