DUKAL Spa is offering new PPE products to keep up with demand during the pandemic. Products include shoe covers, disposable stethoscopes, bouffant caps, isolation gowns, face shields as well as masks. Products will be shipped in late June/early July. Products are made to order. 

Jean Swanson | jswanson@dukal.com | 908.247.5331

Helen Jon

Helen Jon pivoted their U.S. based swim manufacturing facility to make non-medical grade washable masks from their beautiful swim prints and solids. Of the items offered is a version with a foam insert for an extra layer of production. Depending on the units, there should be availability to ship at once upon order receipt.

Kim Lunetta | kim.lunetta@gmail.com | 626.422.4423

Universal Companies

Univeral Compaies offers various COVID-19 (Coronavirus) supplies for spas and salons. Items available include spa and salon disinfectants, gloves, single-use disposables, eye protection, sanitizing supplies and more. In stock orders will be fulfilled right away. Backorder and drop ship items lead times are listed in the product details on our website. A few items are subject to quantity restrictions for very large orders. Universal Companies is offering a variety of FREE education, toolkits and workshops through our UCo Learning Network. https://my.ucolearning.com/

Tessa Kienow | info@universalcompanies.com | 800.558.5571


Bodyworkmall has numerous disinfectant and sanitizer options available, along with AtmosAir, the only SUPPLY SIDE indoor air treatment solution that continuously measures, monitors and smartly disinfects viruses and air in the occupied space. AtmosAir is a bipolar ionization for HVAC units and can be easily installed in any HVAC air distribution configuration whether it be supply duct mounted or mounted in a supply plenum. More information regarding AtmosAir can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-b7vDnFv6k

Damian Ferris | damianf@bodyworkmall.com | 630.771.7455

LEMI Group

LEMI is proud to present SPA SHIELD, the new essential tool for spa tables, specifically designed to guarantee the necessary protection for both operators and customers during any type of facial treatment. Its thermoformed plexiglass structure works as a real barrier against potential contamination and has been designed to leave the operator at ease during treatment, ensuring a safe and comfortable space for the customer. Height can be adjusted by a practical handy knob, while the solid structure of the painted metal base is equipped with 3 rubber wheels with brake that facilitate its movement, ensuring maximum silence so as to give the customer the peace he needs during treatment.

For all US inquiries: Alex Theofanous | alext@lemigroup.it | 305-620-6010

info@lemigroup.it | 39-374-363069

Ready Care

Ready Care’s solutions are geared on bulk sustainable – registered 70% Ethyl- or Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with refillable dispensers, Hand Soaps (bulk) including antibacterial, EPA/FDA registered sanitation disinfectants, sprays including Barbicide (Spacide), and wipes. Same day orders with 1-2 days processing and 1 week shipping. All are in stock and ready to ship.

Quantity discount apply. Please inquire.

Paul Wright | pwright@readycare.com | 800.477.4283

Body Bliss

Body Bliss has Pure Hands Rinse-Free Hand Wash available for when you don’t have soap and water. The hand wash has a 60% ethyl alcohol base and is enriched with Glycerin, a natural humectant, that helps moisturize and counteracts the drying effects of alcohol. Aloe Vera Leaf is a natural soothing and healing agent which helps prevent dry, cracked or peeling skin. Additionally, the Rinse-Free Hand Wash has Pro Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E which contribute to healthy looking and great feeling skin. The item is offered in scented or unscented and private label options with custom blended scents are available. The Body Bliss brand is available within 7 days, private label options are typically available within 10 days.

Pamela Sculthorp | pams@bodybliss.com | 928.204.1280

TNG Worldwide

TNG Worldwide offers a variety of PPE, sanitizers and disinfectants. Products available include KN95 masks, 3 ply surgical masks, four types of face shields (reusable, disposable), Infrared Thermometers, strong hand sanitizer (3.3 oz and gallon size of spray), 4 oz . gel hand sanitizer, multi-cide, Citri-cide, 99% alcohol disposable capes, wet room plastic sheets, antibacterial gym wipes, hand soap, Hot towel UV sterilizer, and Nitrile, vinyl and latex Gloves.

TNG Worldwide offers Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic 75% Topical Solution Hand Sanitizer Non-sterile Solution. Hand Sanitizer helps to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. Same day shipping up to 3 PM. 

Cheryl Hartsough, RD | chartsough@tngworldwide.com | 631.324.5612

Sanitas Skincare

Sanitas Skincare has recently launched Solution Skincare, offering three hand hygiene products in various sizes, including bulk. Solution Skincare has a Purifying Hand Sanitizer, Moisturizing Hand Wash and Hand Salve. Also offered is an FDA approved version of the Hand Sanitizer that is sold by the gallon and is free of fragrance. Depending on quantity, orders can ship within a few days of receipt.

Krista Eichten | krista@sanitas-skincare.com | 303.449.1875


New Oakworks Shield Reduces Risk as Spas Reopen
Oakworks Shield is designed to reduce the risk of infection via aerosols and droplets by providing a barrier between aestheticians and clients. The optically clear film can be easily positioned to create a barrier between two people while not restricting access to the client. Portable and easy to move, the Oakworks Shield can be rolled into place when needed; no need for expensive, permanent acrylic barriers that get in the way. Adjustable in height, you can easily find the balance between access and safety.

The Oakworks Fitted Protective Covers
The Oakworks fitted table, stool, face rest and pillow covers offer the protection your clients need during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fabric is designed to withstand harsh medical grade disinfectants. With a One Year Warranty, these covers designed to stay in place and are waterproof and washable. Oakworks covers are a low-cost solution to the challenges that face the spa and massage industries.

The Oakworks Proning Cushion supports proning for extended periods
Oakworks Proning Cushion helps you lie face down comfortably for long periods, making sleep possible. The specially designed main cushion promotes easy breathing while stabilizing you from side to side so you can’t accidentally roll off when you are sleeping. The adjustable face support is very comfortable and has excellent air flow with it’s open design.

Jessica Wadley | jwadley@oakworks.com | 717.659.7403

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