ISPA Board of Directors Application

Are you ready to step forward as a leader in the spa industry and serve on the ISPA Board of Directors?

Application and Selection Process

Applications from eligible members are accepted April 1 - April 30, 2018. Once the application closes, candidates are screened for eligibility according to the association bylaws.  Once the Nominations Committee has reviewed the application data, applicants will be invited to participate in an interview via telephone.  After the first interview, the committee will continue to evaluate the candidates based on their applications and interviews and determine who will be selected for a second interview.  Prior to the second round interview, selected candidates may be asked to participate in an assessment conducted by a third party.  The Nominations Committee meets in-person during the month of July to conduct the second interviews, in which the applicant will have the opportunity to speak with the entire committee (via telephone).  During that time the committee also holds discussion surrounding each candidate and who will best round out the skill set of the board.  In early fall, the slate of candidates is announced to the ISPA membership with an online ballot for approval.  New directors of the ISPA Board take office during the first official board meeting following the ISPA Conference & Expo.

If you have the experience and desire to help lead the future of ISPA and the spa industry, you are encouraged to apply for board service and share your expertise. The time and energy you give supporting the association comes back to you in a multitude of ways. In addition, it is exciting to meet, network and collaborate with a new group of industry peers to inspire the future of the spa industry.

The primary responsibility of the board is to take a leadership role representing the ISPA membership and ensuring its voice is heard. Members of the ISPA Board of Directors should not just be involved but engaged. Involvement such as reading board materials thoroughly, having tasks completed and actively participating in board discussions is essential. Board service demands commitment, integrity and the ability to make nimble decisions. Being engaged in board service is what strengthens the association and makes a difference in the lives of your industry peers.

Director's responsibilities include:

  • - An average of two hours per week that may include committee and or task force participation. Directors should also be willing to volunteer to serve in leadership positions and undertake special assignments.
  • - A minimum of two days’ participation during three board meetings annually, which includes a financial commitment to cover expenses and for you to be away from your business for approximately two days.
  • - Participate in all meetings and conference calls providing constructive ideas, alternatives and strategies for achieving results.
  • - Read all ISPA Board communications and materials in advance of meetings to allow for informed discussion and action during meetings.
  • - Act in accordance with the ISPA Bylaws and all legal requirements associated with board service.
  • - As part of the board, help set strategic direction and policy for ISPA.
  • - Fully support all board decisions. Once a decision is made by the board, all directors are expected to respect the decision and support it publicly, whether they voted for it or not.
  • - Always act in the best interest of ISPA, presenting the positive public image of the association.
  • - Remain in good financial standing with the association.
  • - Respect and support the ISPA staff.

Responsibilities and Commitments

Directors are elected to serve up to a three-year term and may serve two consecutive terms. After two consecutive terms have been served a one-year hiatus must be observed before being eligible to re-apply. Only primary and secondary members are eligible to vote on issues of the association, such as the Board of Directors election. This is according to the ISPA Bylaws, Article III - Membership, Section 3 - Associate Members, "3.2 Associate Members [Auxiliary, General and Honorary] shall not be entitled to vote on any matters coming before the meetings of The Corporation, nor shall they have any right or interest of any kind in the property or assets of The Corporation or to have their legislative interests represented by The Corporation."

Election Facts

Meeting dates and locations vary from year to year. Typically meetings take place in the months of January, May and August. Travel expenses and reimbursements are evaluated by the board on an annual basis; however potential applicants should be prepared for the financial commitment to attend meetings. With a limited number of board meetings each year, it is imperative for directors strive to attend each meeting. The board holds itself to a strict attendance policy to ensure all directors remain committed to the association and the duties of the ISPA Board of Directors. In addition, directors must be present for the entire meeting (from call to order to adjournment) to be counted as present.

Meeting Facts

How to Submit Your Application

  • Click on the application button at the bottom of this page and complete the online application.
  • Please note, you will also be asked to submit professional references so have that information on-hand.
  • Once your application has been received by ISPA, you will receive a receipt confirmation via email within 48 hours.
  • The application deadline is by 11:59 pm (EDT) on April 30, 2018. Late applications are not accepted.
  • If you experience any technical complications or do not receive a receipt confirmation, please notify Samie Smith on the ISPA staff immediately at or 1.859.219.3619.

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ISPA Nominations Committee

This committee is tasked with evaluating the needs of the current board and proposing the names of nominees to fill the vacancies that occur in the rotation of board members each year. The ISPA Nominations process is a thorough one that has been developed and tweaked over the years to identify high-level leadership qualities and attributes. 

The 2018 ISPA Nominations Committee: Sharilyn Abbajay (Co-Chair), Frank Pitsikalis (Co-Chair), Ella Kent, Jean Kolb, Jane Segerberg, Todd Shaw, Michael Tompkins and Deborah Waldvogel.