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ISPA Board of Directors

Board Selection Process

Each year, the Nominations Committee is tasked with evaluating the needs of the current board and proposing the names of members to fill the vacancies that occur in the set rotation of board members each year. The ISPA Nominations process is thorough and has evolved over the years to identify high-level leadership qualities and attributes. Annually, any eligible member* interested in serving on the ISPA Board of Directors can put their name forward through the Expression of Interest Form below. From there, individuals go through a standard process which can include up to two interviews (conducted via video conferencing). Individuals selected for the slate of candidates can serve up to a three-year term. The board slate of candidates is presented to the ISPA membership for approval. A thorough orientation process is conducted before the new directors take office at the ISPA Conference. Elected directors can serve two consecutive terms before observing a one-year hiatus.    

Responsibilities & Commitments

The primary responsibility of the board is to take a leadership role serving the ISPA membership. Directors serving on the board should be involved and engaged in the association. Regular tasks include attending required meetings, reviewing board materials thoroughly, actively participating in board discussions and following through on commitments.  

Director’s Responsibilities

  • Meetings: The board decides the number of in-person meetings during the budget process each year. In a typical year, the board meets in person three times a year, in addition to the annual ISPA Conference.
  • Financial: Directors are fully responsible for the financial commitment to travel and attend in-person meetings and can anticipate spending an average of $1,500 USD out of pocket to attend each in-person meeting. Conference travel expenses are in addition to the in-person meetings.
  • Monthly check-in: Several hours are required each week to review ISPA business, communications, and board information in addition to monthly board connects.
  • ISPA Foundation: Support the ISPA Foundation and its initiatives through fundraising, donations and participation in ISPA’s Auctions.
  • Overall: Being available as/when needed while working a full-time position.
  • Eligibility*: Per the ISPA Bylaws, any current, primary member in good standing is eligible to apply. Individual members of the association such as transitional, student, and educator members are not eligible to serve on the board.

The 2024 Nominations Committee includes Patrick Huey (ISPA Chair, ex-officio), Ella Kent (co-chair), Kelleye Martin (co-chair), Frank Pitsikalis, Garrett Mersberger, Jane Segerberg, Jeff Kohl and Jennifer Wayland-Smith

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