Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 8 | Spa Careers, Vocations and Professions

Spa Careers, Vocations, and Professions

“Spa work as life work offers a well-trained, reflective, and compassionate individual an ongoing opportunity to really facilitate and enhance others in their efforts and struggles to regain balance, harmony, and health …. In many ways a career in spa work is more than just a career because spa work touches the very essence of being human and human becomingness … Spa as a profession manifests meaning, success, purpose, reward, and fulfillment.”

Prof. Jonathan Paul DeVierville, Ph.D., Director, Alamo Plaza Spa at the historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

The world of spa is one of the fastest growing service professions. As more and more people embrace the concepts of wellness and healthy lifestyles, the need for spas continues to increase, and with that, the need for well-qualified personnel and a skilled work force at every level is becoming more apparent. Spas are looking for passionate people with the right combination of personality, skills, training, and education, who are able to provide and deliver the spa experiences that spa guests and consumers are seeking. The spa industry as an occupation, vocation, and profession offers countless career opportunities and work options for the right people with the right interests, aptitudes, skills, and heart.

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