Submit Your Ideas

Have ideas for a future Pulse article or want to contribute your expertise?  Email the ISPA editor a brief summary at —or just reach out with questions about the contribution process.

Here are a few tips to help you develop your article idea and write your draft:


  • Know your audience | Pulse readers are spa industry professionals. Our stories focus on spa operations and industry education rather than consumer features.
  • Have a call-to-action | The most popular Pulse content comes with some actionable intelligence. Make sure your story has take-away tips or an action plan.
  • Make it personal | The most compelling articles are the ones that share a unique story. Along with the facts and statistics about your topic, make sure to include your own perspective and experiences.
  • Market the topic (not a brand) | Stories in Pulse are informative and practical for the whole spa community. The magazine does not print brand-driven stories or content focused on marketing a specific company or product.
  • Outline your thoughts | Before the wordsmithing starts, outline your full story. List out the key points you’ll make (often, these will become sections of the story). Identify your call-to-action (generally, this should be clear in the story’s opening and closing comments. Think of any anecdotes you’d like to share. If your story will incorporate quotes or research, keep track of your sources so they will be cited properly.
  • Consider a sidebar | If a fascinating or useful piece of information doesn’t quite fit into your main story, a sidebar could be a great solution. Sidebar content presents complementary information in a short format and helps to round out a feature story.
  • Collaborate | Writing a story for Pulse doesn’t require you to shoulder the full responsibility from topic planning to final editing. A planning session and regular check-ins help to lessen the stress and increase the enjoyment of writing.
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