ISPA Set to Launch New Post-COVID-19 Spa Resources

April 16, 2020

The International SPA Association (ISPA) is working collectively with numerous global spa members to lead the development of resources designed to help spas reopen safely and responsibly following the coronavirus crisis.

As spas around the world have closed in response to the pandemic, ISPA has been in frequent, close communication with leaders from across the industry, gathering their insights and creating resources to help guide those in the industry through this challenging period. Now, as spas turn their attention toward reopening their doors, it’s critical to equip them with the tools essential to completing that process successfully.

The resources ISPA is developing include recommended operating procedures for reopening a spa, updated sanitation and hygiene standards for the spa industry, checklists for reopening preparedness and employee education, templates for guest communications and downloadable sanitation standards materials for display in the spa. Each of these assets is being developed in collaboration with a diverse group of experienced professionals from every corner of the spa industry. ISPA believes this approach will best serve the industry as a whole by ensuring that the needs of every type of spa are given full consideration.

“The spa industry is once again showing its commitment to a stronger future through this cooperative effort,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “ISPA looks forward to putting these tools into the hands of those who can use them to safely, confidently welcome guests back into their spas when the time comes. We know that guests’ peace of mind will be critical to the reopening process, so a big part of this effort is strengthening the already rigorous sanitation standards practiced within the industry, offering guidance on communicating those standards to guests and protecting spa employees.”

ISPA Chairman Garrett Mersberger echoed those sentiments and praised the volunteers working together for the good of the spa industry. “We need to relay to our guests that spas are safe, clean spaces and that they’ve always been safe. Every member needs us now, but we have to be data-driven, we have to be patient and we have to support each other.”

ISPA expects to make the first of these resources available later this month.  In addition to these resources, ISPA will be releasing the findings of a new consumer study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers that highlights key insights from both the spa-goer and non-spa-goer audiences in late April.

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