• Lynne McNees

    Lynne McNees


    Did you know?

    My puppy Moose always brightens my day.

    I love to sing and make up songs.

    HGTV is my guilty pleasure.

    If my life were a movie genre it would be a western comedy.

  • Crystal Ducker

    Crystal Ducker

    VP of Research and Communications

    Did you know?

    My fantasy baseball team "BirdsInTheBusch" is a top priority.

    I will never understand why people root for the Chicago Cubs.

    My greatest accomplishment is my handsome energetic son, Coen.

    I would describe myself as loyal, analytical and a gambler.

  • Amanda Adams

    Amanda Adams

    Events Manager

    Did you know?

    I've traveled to over 15 different countries.

    A tiger once bit me.

    I swam with sharks.

  • Megan Browning

    Megan Browning

    Marketing Manager

    Did you know?

    In my free time you can find me checking out local breweries, catching a concert or spending time with friends and family, especially my new adorable nephew, Jameson!

    I named my Husky London after my favorite city in the world.

    People often tell me I'm crazy for waking up at 4:30 am to go to Orangetheory.

  • Eric Callaghan

    Eric Callaghan

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

    Did you know?

    I love coffee and can be found with a cup at pretty much any time of day.

    I graduated from Auburn University.

    I will never understand 99% of reality TV.

  • Jennifer Duckworth

    Jennifer Duckworth

    Senior Director of Events and Education

    Did you know?

    I was a University of Kentucky dancer and graduated from law school.

    I can't resist a really cheesy romantic comedy or Hallmark movie.

    I can't bring myself to put on wrinkled clothes and iron practically everything.

    If you looked in my refrigerator right now there would be milk, baby food and leftovers.

  • Nelson Lane

    Nelson Lane

    Marketing Coordinator

    Did you know?

    Songwriting is my escape.

    I love fishing in the summer.

    I have performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

  • Allison Martin

    Allison Martin

    Media & Member Relations Manager

    Did you know?

    I'm a Pure Barre addict.

    I eat candy in a specific color order.

    I am an only child, Kentucky fan and expectant mother.

    If I won a million dollars I would buy a beach house.

  • Andrea Meehan

    Andrea Meehan

    Did you know?

  • Amber Phillips

    Amber Phillips

    Account Executive

    Did you know?

    I will never understand how people can drink black coffee or IPAs. Yuck!

    I was a University of Louisville cheerleader.

    My guilty pleasures are sour patch kids and the lifetime movie network.

  • Ashley Roberts

    Ashley Roberts

    Project Coordinator

    Did you know?

    My biggest pet peeve is slow walkers, move it or lose it sister!

    My guilty pleasure is watching everything on BRAVO,

    I graduated college with honors.

    I am allergic to dogs :(

  • Tara Salah Eldin

    Tara Salah Eldin

    Project Coordinator

    Did you know?

    I LOVE celebrating random holidays. π Day, Tartan Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day...

    I would love to live on a boat or a cruise ship.

    I have lived in both Japan and Germany and I love to travel.

  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    Project Manager

    Did you know?

    In my spare time you can find me playing with my dog, Jasper.

    The Disney theme parks are my real-life happy place!

    I am obsessed with office supplies, especially my planner.

  • Jamison Stoike

    Jamison Stoike

    Managing Pulse Editor & Content Specialist

    Did you know?

  • Jenny Van Wieren-Page

    Jenny Van Wieren-Page

    Account Executive

    Did you know?

  • Marja Walker

    Marja Walker

    Graphic Designer

    Did you know?

  • Olivia Woodruff

    Olivia Woodruff

    Membership Coordinator

    Did you know?

    I am a native New Yorker and grew up in a Buffalo Bills & NY Yankee household.

    I was a captain for the University of Kentucky Equestrian Team.

    I’m a Gilmore Girl fanatic, I’ve probably watched it 8 or 9 times through!