• Lynne McNees

    Lynne McNees


    Did you know?

    My puppy Moose always brightens my day.

    I love to sing and make up songs.

    HGTV is my guilty pleasure.

    If my life were a movie genre it would be a western comedy.

  • Crystal Ducker

    Crystal Ducker

    VP of Research and Communications

    Did you know?

    My fantasy baseball team "BirdsInTheBusch" is a top priority.

    I will never understand why people root for the Chicago Cubs.

    My greatest accomplishment is my handsome energetic son, Coen.

    I would describe myself as loyal, analytical and a gambler.

  • Jennifer Duckworth

    Jennifer Duckworth

    Senior Director of Events and Education

    Did you know?

    My home away from home is the North Carolina coast. There is nowhere else I would rather be with my husband and two amazing little girls!

    I am an avid live music lover and prefer small hole-in-the-wall venues to an arena any day of the week.

    I grew up in a very small town where some pretty interesting celebrities either grew up or now live – The Judds, Billy Ray Cyrus, Chuck Woolery and Rico Sauve to name just a few.

  • Nelson Lane

    Nelson Lane

    Marketing Manager

    Did you know?

    Songwriting is my escape.

    I love fishing in the summer.

    I have performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    Project Manager

    Did you know?

    In my spare time you can find me playing with my dog, Jasper.

    The Disney theme parks are my real-life happy place!

    I am obsessed with office supplies, especially my planner.

  • Marja Walker

    Marja Walker

    Graphic Designer

    Did you know?

    I am a hoarder of wool fabric used to make into beautiful hooked rugs (I love to use old Pendleton skirts and blankets scored from thrift store find) the ultimate in recycling.

    I collect and love old Pyrex.

    I learned to shoot guns from an author who's book jacket I designed, Ted Nugent! And, yes, he's crazy.

  • Jamison Stoike

    Jamison Stoike

    Managing Pulse Editor & Content Specialist

    Did you know?

    I’m a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.

    I can read Latin and Ancient Greek.

    My favorite cities are Rome and Edinburgh.

  • Amy Finder

    Amy Finder

    Graphic Designer

    Did you know?

    I am an artist.

    I love partner dancing.

    I dabble in costume-making.

  • Josh Corman

    Josh Corman

    Director of Education and Research

    Did you know?

    I was a high school English teacher for 7+ years.

    I co-host Hey Kentucky!, a local news/sports/politics show.

    I have been a grumpy old man since the age of 24.