• Lynne McNees

    Lynne McNees


    Did you know?

    My puppy Moose always brightens my day.

    I love to sing and make up songs.

    HGTV is my guilty pleasure.

    If my life were a movie genre it would be a western comedy.

  • Crystal Ducker

    Crystal Ducker

    VP of Research and Communications

    Did you know?

    My fantasy baseball team "BirdsInTheBusch" is a top priority.

    I will never understand why people root for the Chicago Cubs.

    My greatest accomplishment is my handsome energetic son, Coen.

    I would describe myself as loyal, analytical and a gambler.

  • Amanda Adams

    Amanda Adams

    Events Manager

    Did you know?

    I've traveled to over 15 different countries.

    A tiger once bit me.

    I swam with sharks.

  • Eric Callaghan

    Eric Callaghan

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

    Did you know?

    I love coffee and can be found with a cup at pretty much any time of day.

    I graduated from Auburn University.

    I will never understand 99% of reality TV.

  • Ali Culp

    Ali Culp

    Events Coordinator

    Did you know?

  • Jennifer Duckworth

    Jennifer Duckworth

    Senior Director of Events and Education

    Did you know?

    My home away from home is the North Carolina coast. There is nowhere else I would rather be with my husband and two amazing little girls!

    I am an avid live music lover and prefer small hole-in-the-wall venues to an arena any day of the week.

    I grew up in a very small town where some pretty interesting celebrities either grew up or now live – The Judds, Billy Ray Cyrus, Chuck Woolery and Rico Sauve to name just a few.

  • Nelson Lane

    Nelson Lane

    Marketing Coordinator

    Did you know?

    Songwriting is my escape.

    I love fishing in the summer.

    I have performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

  • Allison Martin

    Allison Martin

    Media & Member Relations Manager

    Did you know?

    I can’t whistle.

    I’m a Bravoholic.

    I love lists. Sometimes my lists have lists.

  • Andrea Meehan

    Andrea Meehan

    Membership Sales Executive

    Did you know?

    On summer nights, I love to jump on the trampoline with my kids. And when we are exhausted from jumping, we lie there and gaze at the stars.

    One my most favorite experience in life was snowmobiling in the Colorado Mountains.

    I grew up in the 80-90’s era, did you know I was voted best “big hair” in my school year book? Thank you Aqua Net

  • Ashley Roberts

    Ashley Roberts

    Project Coordinator

    Did you know?

    After office hours I teach dance to students age 6-18.

    I’ve never broken a bone.

    Moose are my favorite animal.

  • Tara Salah Eldin

    Tara Salah Eldin

    Project Coordinator

    Did you know?

    I LOVE celebrating random holidays. π Day, Tartan Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day...

    I would love to live on a boat or a cruise ship.

    I have lived in both Japan and Germany and I love to travel.

  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    Project Manager

    Did you know?

    In my spare time you can find me playing with my dog, Jasper.

    The Disney theme parks are my real-life happy place!

    I am obsessed with office supplies, especially my planner.

  • Jenny Van Wieren-Page

    Jenny Van Wieren-Page

    Account Executive

    Did you know?

    I love March Madness and am a diehard Michigan State fan - Go Green!

    I met LeBron James during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games.

    I love spending time at home with my husband Jayson along with our dogs and horses.

  • Marja Walker

    Marja Walker

    Graphic Designer

    Did you know?

    I am a hoarder of wool fabric used to make into beautiful hooked rugs (I love to use old Pendleton skirts and blankets scored from thrift store find) the ultimate in recycling.

    I collect and love old Pyrex.

    I learned to shoot guns from an author who's book jacket I designed, Ted Nugent! And, yes, he's crazy.

  • Jamison Stoike

    Jamison Stoike

    Managing Pulse Editor & Content Specialist

    Did you know?

    I’m a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.

    I can read Latin and Ancient Greek.

    My favorite cities are Rome and Edinburgh.

  • Olivia Woodruff

    Olivia Woodruff

    Membership Coordinator

    Did you know?

    I am a native New Yorker and grew up in a Buffalo Bills & NY Yankee household.

    I was a captain for the University of Kentucky Equestrian Team.

    I’m a Gilmore Girl fanatic, I’ve probably watched it 8 or 9 times through!

  • Kirsten Wright

    Kirsten Wright

    Fulfillment Coordinator

    Did you know?

    My favorite MLB team is the Atlanta Braves.

    I love attending concerts.

    I have a Springerdoodle named June Carter.