Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 5.6 | The Spa Experience

Every spa will offer its own unique experience to its guests just as every guest will participate in a unique experience at every visit. Spas will offer services that center around their missions: providing experiences and rituals that renew, refresh, and regenerate a guest’s heart, spirit, and mind.

While there is no magic formula to creating an experience that will wow every guest every time, consistent commitment to high quality service at every touchpoint demonstrates that a spa cares about its guests and the experiences that they have. Spas that succeed create a strategy for providing a superior experience and stick to it. They make certain that everyone who works at the spa understands both its philosophy and its mission. They promise only what they can deliver and then deliver everything they promise. By doing this, they not only create memories, but they help their guests achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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