Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 4 | Trend Analysis: Possibilities and Predictions

From almost the beginning of time, spas have provided renewal, regeneration, and rejuvenation. They have been special places where people go to find themselves. They go to rest, reflect, and rediscover themselves so they can later re-enter the world with a refreshed body, mind, and spirit. Over the centuries, spas have evolved, experiencing sometimes rapid proliferation into mainstream culture. During the past two decades, spas have witnessed a rapid growth and expansion around the world.

The future is always uncertain, but if spa professionals are to foresee the future direction of spas, it will be necessary to examine thoroughly the current ups and downs of market trends as well as to review and remember the historical legacy of spas.

Looking away from the starlight of the past and the mirror of the present, it is time to peer into the waters of the future to divine what may be held there. Within these waters, spa professionals can attempt to discern where the dreams of today will take the spa of tomorrow. The future of spas will not only be a direct result of future short-term market trends, but also serve as a cause for spas to become active cultural institutions that play vital roles in the ongoing services and activities for individual renewal and social regeneration. The actions taken today by spa professionals worldwide will help determine whether spas will be able to sustain their present growth rate while continuing to fulfill their mission of uplifting the health and well-being of the world, both inside and outside of the spa.


While making predictions is a difficult business, it is possible to take a look at current directions in the spa world to see where spa is traveling. In order to envision tomorrow, it is necessary to look at the way the spa world is acting today and in the recent past. It is also worth noting that the further anyone tries to see into the future, the greater the risk of inaccuracy. 

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