Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction | Chapter 2.5 | The Beginnings of Contemporary Spa

The Beginnings of the Contemporary Spa

While the medical view of spa therapy and health resort medicine was on the decline, a new era in the world of spa began to develop in the 1940s, with an emphasis on physical fitness, personal development, self improvement, and wellness—not focused on the eradication of disease, but on the optimization of good health. The contemporary spa began to take shape, but still retained ties to its ancient and global heritage. Modern spas in many forms began to develop into what people today recognize as spa, incorporating and expanding on the practices and traditions of the rich history of the world’s spa cultures.

In many ways, spa has come full circle, renewing and revitalizing thousands of years of spa culture to share with new generations of spa-goers. The mission of spa today remains as it has been throughout time—promoting health, healing, and physical, mental, and spiritual restoration to enhance people’s lives.

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