Retail Management for Spas | Chapter 6.5 | Value-Added Customer Service

Sometimes simple add-ons can make a difference to customers between buying a product at a spa instead of a department store or any other competing organization. The following are some examples of low-cost, value-added services that can make customers’ shopping experiences enjoyable, effortless, time-saving, and money-saving:

  • Gift Wrapping: Provide free gift-wrapping year round.
  • Delivery Service: Offer free delivery service to customers’ homes (if local) or free shipping if out-of-town.
  • Special Orders: If a customer likes a particular product and the spa does not have the product in stock, offer to special order it.
  • Wish List: Especially during the holidays, encourage customers to complete a “wish list” card. Telephone the spouse or friend indicated on the form about the wish and volunteer to gift-wrap the item for pickup or mailing.

At, the above list is expanded with ways to add value. It begins, they say, by thinking of guests in terms of relationships and not just service. This relationship can be supported by:

  • Short approach times
  • Quick check-outs
  • Seating areas
  • In-store events or after-hours shopping
  • Layaway
  • Good, clear signage
  • Gift certificates
  • Personal shoppers (phone orders)
  • Longer hours during the holidays
  • Personal notes

What is the measure of success for sales and service? There are various retail checkpoints and goals a spa can set for itself. These are good to create because they allow the spa to measure its success—and it doesn’t just have to be on its financials.

It is also seeing someone who has never before been in the retail section, seriously considering a product. It is having guests purchase something to take to their homes. It is having guests buy a gift for a friend so that they can share the experience they had at the spa with someone they care about. Or it is the guest that writes the spa staff a follow-up note about how much they appreciated their product suggestions. Or the joy when a staff person makes a sale and sees the client walking out with a product that brought him or her so much joy. Success can be measured not just in what a spa achieves, but in what a spa is.

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