Retail Management for Spas | Chapter 2 | Retail Planning

At the Seasons Spa …

Jazmine melted onto the bamboo mat, rubbing the Seasons Spa’s moisturizer onto her arms as she prepared to meditate. It was the end of her first day as spa director at the Seasons Spa, a resort/hotel spa with a medical emphasis built into a beautiful beachfront destination resort.

As she began clearing her mind of the day’s events, she let go of the distress she’d felt when she saw a whole shelf of “clearance” markdowns, items marked down so low that the spa would be lucky to see any profit from them at all. Nor did it help when one of the resort guests asked whether there was any chance the aromatherapy massage oils would move to the clearance shelf before the end of the week.

Jazmine took out an incense stick and lit it, thinking about how everything in life—whether it is starting a diet, driving to a destination, managing a spa, or creating a retail venue in the spa—needs a plan. She wouldn’t be able to get the spa where she wanted it to go if she didn’t have a plan.

She’d asked the retail manager about the retail plan and was told there wasn’t one. She had been surprised. She pointed out to the retail manager that every week she had to create a schedule for technicians and therapists. She couldn’t just say to them, “Here are the hours that we’re open, come in when you feel like it.” The same was true of the retail store. The only way they’d succeed was if they had a plan.

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