Wiki glossary-terms


An alpha-hydroxyl acid based peeling derived from different fruit acids, used to reduce age spots, soften age lines, control acne, improve complexion and in general revitalize the skin’s texture and appearance.


Skin treatment where the upper layer of dead skin cells is sloughed off. A variety of techniques can be used and the treatment is called accordingly: loofah rub, salt scrub, body glow, brush and tone, etc.

Search specific exfoliation offerings for more information (i.e. Body Scrub etc.)

Body Wrap

A beauty treatment in which the body is covered in a skin care lotion/product and wrapped tightly in strips of cloth in order to promote weight loss or improve skin tone.


There are many types of facials. A standard facial usually includes massaging the face, cleansing, toning, steaming, exfoliating and moisturizing. 

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