Tamara Jarrett

Tamara Jarrett is CEO and Co-Founder of CORE Unlimited and Co-Founder of Connect2Concepts. With over 25 years in the recreation and wellness industry, Tamara has served in both faculty and administrative positions at universities throughout the US. CORE Unlimited has been instrumental in the design, opening and operations of dozens of university wellness facilities throughout North America while Connect2Concepts has become the operations software of choice for over 200 colleges and universities.

Tamara is an active contributor to the field, speaking at conferences and workshops and serving on a variety of boards from the Walt Disney World College Program to Dress for Success to the Women’s Football Foundation and leading the ISPA Collaborative on Higher Education (CoHE).

Her passion for innovation guided her doctoral research and ultimately led to the creation of the CORE Innovation Network and Partners in Wellness Programs. Her passion for philanthropy led to co-founding the C2 Foundation, an organization whose mission is to make wellness services and education accessible to all. 


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