Retail Is Not Dead: How to Get Your Products off the Shelf, in the Bag and Out the Door

April 24, 2024 | 8:00 am

Retail may not be dead, but it does need some 911 help. Beauty businesses can still make a profit in the retail department if they are willing to make some strategic sales improvements. You can’t just put it on the shelf and hope it sells before you have to dust it. To be competitive and profitable In today’s retail environment you will need a new Retail Health and Wealth Plan. Carol Phillips will share at least eight proven ways to get your retail off the shelf, in the bag and out the door in your beauty business. 

Retail 911 Topics: 

  • Inventory Triage 
  • 2 Things that are killing your sales
  • What’s in the bag
  • Culture Club 
  • Designing a place to shop and get services
  • What’s on the shelf
  • Buying trends 
  • Online infection and how to fight the disease
  • Sales RX Solution
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