Personalizing Your Retail Space to Captivate Consumers

May 11, 2023 | 8:00 am

Are you finding that everyone has the perfect product for your spa boutique and every brand wants to be on your counter? In this session, we’ll explore proven techniques to ensure retail curation doesn’t turn into a retail headache.  Learn how to identify your spa’s unique personality, curate brands to support your spa’s unique experience and tell a story with your merchandising to keep guests coming back for more.  These tools will help create a winning strategy for an enjoyable shopping experience, while turning merchandise and increasing sales.  A “WIN-WIN-WIN” situation!

Panalists include:

  1. Carrie Ummel; Trilogy Spa Holdings Director of Retail Experience
  2. Ingrid Middaugh; Trilogy Spa Holdings Regional Vice President of Operations
  3. Regina Miller; Trilogy Spa Holdings Regional Spa Director
  4. Tiffany Willie; Red Rock Spa by Well & Being Spa Director
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