Looking for the latest and greatest spa products?

Look no further than the ISPA Reveal Box. The ISPA Reveal Box provides a unique opportunity for vendors to get their product in front of ISPA spa members. The Reveal Box is sent three times a year to our Premiere and Premiere Plus Spa members located in the U.S. and contains a variety of new and exciting products. We encourage you to support ISPA's valuable resource partner members by stocking your retail area with member products!

If you're interested in learning more about participating in an upcoming ISPA Reveal Box, please contact ispa@ispastaff.com.

June 2020 Reveal Box Sponsors

Beekman 1802 | beekman1802.com
Carolyn Geremia | carolyng@beekman1802.com

Clean Republic | clean-republic.com
Dukal Spa | dukal.com
Jean Swanson | jswanson@dukal.com
Eminence Organic Skin Care | eminenceorganics.com
EuroSpa Aromatics | eurospaaromatics.com

Functional Botanicals | functionalbotanicals.com
Cortney Devlin Olmstead | cortneyd@functionalbotanicals.com
Hempfield Botanicals | hempfieldbotanicals.com

kb Pure Essentials | kbpureessentials.com
Sherri Balzer | sherribalzer@kbpecbd.com
Noel Asmar Uniforms | noelasmaruniforms.com
Allison Nassey | info@noelasmar.com
Rejuvenate Disinfectants by Virox Probeauty | rejuvenatedisinfectants.com

December 2019 Reveal Box Sponsors

Beekman 1802
Carolyn Geremia | carolyng@beekman1802.com
Botaniko Skin
Deborah Stone | info@botanikoskin.com
Meredith White | meredith.white@loreal.com
EuroSpa Aromatics
Farmhouse Fresh
Delia McLinden | delia@farmhousefreshgoods.com
Farmstead Laboratories
Sarah-Jade Lacoursiere | sarah.lacoursiere@foreo.com
Sothys USA
Lauren Silva | lauren@sothys-usa.com
Spa Revolutions
Kristin Sartore | klsdesign@sparev.com

August 2019 Reveal Box Sponsors

Aromatherapy Associates
Sherri Balzer | sherri@livecultivate.com
Dermatologist's Choice Skincare
Gia Scope | dermatologistschoice@gmail.com
Eminence Organic Skin Care
Epicuren Discovery
Sean Paul Campbell | seanc@epicuren.com
EuroSpa Aromatics
Jessica Deaton | jessica@eurospaaromatics.com
Makela Pichler | makela@kaifragrance.com
Me Care Bourbon Infused Bodyline
Melissa Happel | info@mecarebodyline.com
Shiri Sarfati | shiri@repechage.com
Scalpforce, LLC
Laurie Nocera | admin@scalpforce.com
SpaSoft by Springer-Miller Systems
Vital Body Therapeutics
Kelly Stoll | kstoll@vitalbodytherapeutics.com

May 2019 Reveal Box Sponsors

Cultivate Wellness Brand
Sherri Balzer | sherri@livecultivate.com 
Eminence Organic Skin Care
Jona Dervishaj | jdervishaj@eminenceorganics.com 
EuroSpa Aromatics
Jessica Deaton | jessica@eurospaaromatics.com 
FarmHouse Fresh
Delia McLinden | delia@farmhousefreshgoods.com 
Kayla Childress | kayla@mindful-luxury.com 
Love Sun Body
Kayla Childress | kayla@mindful-luxury.com 
Sorella Apothecary
Taryn Shockley | taryn@sorellaapothecary.com 
Rejuvenate Disinfectants by: Virox ProBeauty
Universal Companies | info@virox.com 

December 2018 Reveal Box Sponsors

FarmHouse Fresh
Tammie Basseghi | tammieb@moroccanoil.com
Rene Furterer
Michelle Fetsch | michelle@rosewoman.com


August 2018 Reveal Box Sponsors

Advanced Mineral Makeup
Annie Mayo | annie@advancedmineralmakeup.com

BeeSpa Inc
Diane Cook | info@beespa.com

Epicuren Discovery
Maggie Wright | maggiew@epicuren.com

FarmHouse Fresh
Delia McLinden | delia@farmhousefreshgoods.com

La Forma
Sophia Ciancone | sophia@laforma.co

Mala and Mantra
Mary Avant | mary@malaandmantra.com

Mickey Lynn Jewelry
Seth Shindeldecker | seth@mickeylynn.com

Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare
Kristen Holmes | kristen.holmes@osmosisskincare.com

Pamela Murphy | pamelam@patchology.com

Sothys USA Inc.
Nikki Neubauer | nneubauer@sothys-usa.com

Telli -- Everything for Salon & Spa
Lauren Gossage | orders@telliind.com

UV Skinz, Inc.
Sarah Owsley | wholesale@uvskinz.com

May 2018 Reveal Box Sponsors

Jeff Ibric | jeff@emerginc.com

Éminence Organic Skin Care
Shannon Asante | sasante@eminenceorganics.com

Samantha Faucher | samantha.faucher@loreal.com

EuroSpa Aromatics
Jessica Deaton | jessica@eurospaaromatics.com

Kerstin Florian International
Chloe DeAngelis | cdeangelis@kerstinflorian.com

Little Barn Apothecary
Courtney Garvin | courtney@littlebarnapothecary.com

Naked Princess
Deanna White | deanna@nakedprincess.com

Skin Authority
Kristin Valentine | kristinv@skinauthority.com

THALGO America

Uvida UV-Protective Sportswear
Beth Naughton | ewnaughton@msn.com

Yuzu Soap 
Lauren Shun | lauren@yuzusoap.com

December 2017 Reveal Box Sponsors

Be The Good
Barb Gram | barb@bgconsultants.com

Rafael Valls | info.usa@bioline-jato.com

Chella Brow Bar
Melissa Jansma | melissa@chella.com

Earring Support, LLC
Erica Ufer | erica@levears.com

EuroSpa Aromatics
Jessica Deaton | jessica@eurospaaromatics.com

Glowbiotics MD
Cheryl Barry | cbarry@glowbioticsmds.com

jane iredale
Hannah Kirchner | hkirchner@janeiredale.com

Jax Wax Australia 
Suzette Saunders | suzette@essentialmedtools.com

Monika Garcia | mgarcia@londontownusa.com

Pure Inventions, LLC
Johnna Cerligione | johnna@pureinventions.com 

September 2017 Reveal Box Sponsors

Paul Vella | pvella@aethern.com 

Eminence Organic Skin Care
Shannon Asante | sasante@eminenceorganics.com 

EuroSpa Aromatics
Jessica Deaton | jessica@eurospaaromatics.com

jane iredale
Hannah Kirchner | hkirchner@janeiredale.com

Lynn Welly | lwelly@dakotabiotech.com

Page Schlumpberger | pschlumpberger@mynuface.com

Meg Tully | meg.tully@olivinanapavalley.com

Peony and Me
Jessica Riccio | jessica.riccio@pery.com

Schmidt's Naturals 
Crystal McElroy | crystal@schmidtsnaturals.com

Telli-Everything For Spa & Salon
Maria De Simone | maria@telliind.com

Lynn Farrow | lynn@togospa.com 

June 2017 Reveal Box Sponsors

Balanced Guru
Faith Smith | orders@balancedguru.com

Candle Warmers Etc.
Chris Barnes | chris@candlewarmers.com

EuroSpa Aromatics
Jessica Deaton | jessica@eurospaaromatics.com

FarmHouse Fresh
Delia McLinden | delia@farmhousefreshgoods.com

Chris Pachuilo | chrisp@hydropeptide.com

Image Skincare
IMAGE Skincare | info@imageskincare.com

jane iredale
Jennifer Thompson | jennifer@janeiredale.com

Made It!
John Nelsen | john@seewhomadeit.com

Tyler Herring | tyler@radroller.com

Zao Luv
Niki Katsadas | niki.katsadas@zaoluv.com