• YulinJade

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    Jade Mazarin | jade.mazarin@gmail.com | 772.321.9912


    YulinJade is a luxury, USDA Organic skincare line. It combines an incomparable level of purity with the rarest, most advanced botanicals/super fruits for true clinical efficacy. Packaging and practices are also uniquely sustainable.

  • Universal Companies

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    Peter Plishka | pplishka@universalcompanies.com | 404.271.4427

    Universal Companies

    Keep Your Mask Smelling Fresh for Hours! 

    The next step in personal sanitation. Sposh presents this clean, energizing blend of eucalyptus with subtle notes of cedar that will keep your face mask smelling fresh for hours. Especially beneficial for a long workday, this mask spray is suitable for fabric or disposable face masks, as well as treatment table linens. Non-staining, with approximately 700 uses per bottle.  

    You can spray it on the outside or the inside of the mask for long-lasting aromatherapeutic benefits. Great for staff, or as a retail recommendation for your guests.

  • Bryght

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    Megan French | megan@bryghtenup.com | 877.427.9448


    Whether you need to lyghten freckles, hyper-pigmentation or age spots, Bryght is the answer to the problem you didn't know you could solve. All Bryght products are effective on any dark spots (such as acne scars, pigmentation melasma, sunspots and more)! Their products work on all skin tones, are registered with Health Canada and FDA and are lab tested, cruelty free, vegan, non-gmo, all natural, made in the USA and women-owned.

    Licensed skincare professionals or business owners will need to create an account at https://bryghtenup.com/ and add a business or license number prior to being allowed to make orders.

    Bryght now offers drop shipping to make sharing your retail products even easier during COVID-19. For more information or to submit a Drop Ship order, please visit https://bryghtenup.com/dropship/.

  • Makeup Brow Skin Ology

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    Lisa M. Glickoff | lisa@makeupologystore.com | 248.219.6286

    Makeup Brow Skin Ology

    Makeupology was created so that every consumer can access quality makeup at affordable prices. They have colors that work on everyone and that have the ability to truly transform oneself. Life is better in color and so is makeup. Makeupology offers wholesale and deep discounted prices as well as great deals on their collections as well. They are certified in Barbicide COVID-19 training and are licensed as estheticians.

  • Hot Cherry Pillows

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    J'Nelle Holland | jnelle.holland@gmail.com | 805.682.7062

    Hot Cherry Pillows

    Hot Cherry Pillows offers new, minimal-touch natural, weighted, moist heat treatments. Add Hot Cherry Pillows to your new menu. Hot Cherry Pillows are completely machine washable hot packs, sanitized in microwave & hot towel warmer, minimal training needed, clients feel pampered & relaxed and spa treatments support retail sales. Along with this, Hot Cherry Pillows are green, sustainable and made in USA. Hot Cherry Pillows has an introductory offer of $100 off Hot Cherry pillows, net 60 terms, and free shipping for an entire year. (Available to new members only at hotcherry.faire.com.) Minimum orders of $150.

  • Hyperice Inc.

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    Paige Costello | pcostello@hyperice.com | 949.973.3430

    Hyperice Inc.

    Hyperice is supporting ISPA partners with products that can assist therapists in coming back to work efficiently through the use of discounted self care devices.
    Our products also offer the opportunity to provide a "no-contact" service for guests that may prefer this upon reopening. We have a number of products that can be used throughout treatment as add ons, or full service protocols that do not require direct contact if preferred.
    We have created protocols, and descriptions for these services to make for an easy integration.

    Hyperice has a full stock of all products, or products generally take about 3-5 business days to process. Warehouses are located on both the East, and West coasts, that are shipping every day. No quantity restrictions.

  • Kerstin Florian International

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    Chloe DeAngelis | cdeangelis@kerstinflorian.com | 949.595.4300, ext. 111

    Kerstin Florian International

    Kerstin Florian International is offering the Spa Wellness Anywhere Series. These kits redefine the spa experience with self-guided wellness rituals at exclusive values. Designed for SELF CARE ANYWHERE. These spa-exclusive kits are ideal for post-treatment, pre-packaged retail offerings, in-room self-spa treatments, and at-home experiences. The lead time on these kits is approximately 1-2 weeks. 

    Orders subject to review and approval. Not available for additional discounts. Subject to availability and quantity limits. Refer to the order form for additional details. No more than 12 pieces per kit per order.

  • Supracor, Inc.

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    Steven Landi | slandi@supracor.com | 408.432.1616, ext. 257

    Supracor, Inc.

    Naturally antimicrobial and allergen free, Supracor’s luxury SpaCells and Bath Mitts, featuring Stimulite honeycomb, stimulate blood flow and promote cellular renewal. The flexing action of the honeycomb cells cleanses, exfoliates and massages for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin. Extremely hygienic, Stimulite products can be easily sanitized using soap and warm water or an EPA disinfectant. 

  • Therabody

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    Clint Wall | clint.wall@theargun.com


    Theragun is a handheld percussive therapy device that can be used during a massage treatment. Massage therapists can use the device directly on to their clients skin, without making physical contact with the body. All of Theragun attachments are non-porous closed cell foam and can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. The attachments can be used with lotions and oils and do not absorb moisture or sweat.

  • VitaJuwel USA

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    Jan Eisen | jan.eisen@vitajuwel.com | 925.314.6649

    VitaJuwel USA

    VitaJuwel just introduced a glass dispenser with a stainless steel pump head that features a gempod filled with mix of precious crystals. Perfect for check-in areas and waiting areas to make hand sanitizer available in a beautiful way. Also great for massage oils. https://www.vitajuwel.us/soap-and-sanitizer-dispenser.html

  • Pure Inventions, LLC

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    Johnna Cerligione | johnna@pureinventions.com | 732.842.5777

    Pure Inventions, LLC

    Pure Inventions remains focused on your Wellness through immunity and hydration support with delicious Water Infusion Drops. This dynamic Immunity pair is a great way to create a welcome/exit beverage that will support your wellness initiatives. Pure Inventions offers the welcome package with service and retail items. Free Backbar is being included with some packages for a limited time.

    The Pure Inventions facility (NJ) is processing orders and shipping within a day or 2 of receipt.

    Pure Inventions is fully stocked and ready to assist with ordering needs.

    Wholesale pricing is limited to the spa, wellness, resort & fitness professionals.

    Pure Inventions Water Infusion Drops, created by Nutritionists in 2003, is a line of delicious formulations full of flavor and are free of sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners and are gluten free & low glycemic.

  • Lola's Apothecary

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    Dominic Phillips | dom@lolasapothecary.com | +44 (0) 7809 119238

    Lola's Apothecary

    Lola's Apothecary offers a range of couture beauty and wellness products in gift-ready retail packaging and back bar. Lola's Apothecary has launched new product variants in two of our most popular unisex fragrance ranges of particular interest to spas re-opening due to their therapeutic properties. Tranquil Isle: Lola Apothecary's deep relaxing range to ease stress and anxiety containing natural sedative camomile and an array of the purest essential oils for deep calm. Breath of Clarity: Lola Apothecary's uplifting range, containing natural herbaceous decongestants eucalyptus and peppermint, perfect for outside bathing & inhalations, post-workout relief. Additionally the candle and aromatherapy oil roll on have been popular among customers working from home due to the known therapeutic properties of rosemary and marjoram as mediative & concentration aids.

    All Lola's Apothecary products are made by hand at Colleton Estate in the heart of the British Countryside. Please allow up to two weeks for larger wholesale orders, however the aim is to fulfil within 1 week wherever possible.


  • Phytomer

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    Stefano Bronzati | sbronzati@phytomerusa.com | 801.548.2983   


    Phytomer offers the Luminous Complexion Sheet Mask Facial to streamline your facial menu while elevating client experience and delivering visible results for all skin types. The products used in this protocol target hydration, inflammation, youthful rejuvenation and hyper-pigmentation and are easy to prepare, with no mixing, measuring, bowls, brushes or other implements. Save time with user-friendly set up and clean up, so maximum time can be dedicated to enhanced sanitation and infection control procedures between guests.       

    Products are readily available and shipped within 48 hours of our Customer Support Department receiving the order.               

    No restrictions. Must open or have an active Phytomer account. For more details, please contact us at info@phytomerusa.com or 800.227.8051.            

  • Dazzle Dry

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    Diane Goldstein | dgoldstein@mosesinc.com | 602.254.7312

    Dazzle Dry

    Dazzle Dry's Mini Kits are everything you need for the perfect manicure. They are offering salon/spas retail opportunities for their customers who may not be ready to come back on-site for a manicure

    Salons/spas are not permitted to retail the products online. Orders must be placed over the phone and/or in person.

  • Elim Spa Products USA

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    Lee Ann Collins | info@elimproductsusa.com | 413.238.1980

    Elim Spa Products USA

    Spas can promote themselves as being one of the first in the USA to offer world-renowned Elim Medicated Pedicure System, a superior approach to pedicures with products containing facial grade ingredients. Their Callus Softening Kit provides a premium, effective and sanitary pedicure experience unlike anything else on the market. We'll also be supporting retail, enabling spas to offer our innovative line of products⁠—like our Callus Softening Kit⁠—for purchase.

    They can fulfill orders within 7-10 days. Their training is also fully online, complete with certification, making it quick and easy for nail technicians to be trained. No quantity restrictions.

    Training and certification need to be completed with at least one person per spa organization.

    For more details about this specific product: https://www.store.elimproductsusa.com/collections/frontpage/products/callus-softening-kit-10-minutes-to-perfect-heels.

    Elim offers marketing support for their spa partners by providing product knowledge sheets, product images, lifestyle images, and more.

  • Sonoma Lavender

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    Judy Terry | judy@sonomalavender.com | 707.708.0486

    Sonoma Lavender

    Introducing Sonoma Lavender's Spa Noodle with single-use covers. This is a lavender-scented multi-use heated spa product that can be used heated or chilled to relax and soothe the neck, back, and as a wrap. The insert is water-resistant and can be wiped down while the covers are disposable. This gives the spas the opportunity to give their guests an elevated experience within their treatments and the peace of mind knowing that the required hygiene is being enforced.

    Customers should receive shipment between 5-7 business days depending on logistics.

  • Aromatherapy Associates

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    Aromatherapy Associates

    Aromatherapy Associates have listened to consumers and are leading the way with a set of new additions to the spa treatment menu, the ‘In-Room Wellbeing Experiences’.
    These next generation treatments have been expertly crafted to ensure that hotel guests who are still nervous about venturing into the spa are still able to experience the luxury of a professional wellbeing experience, whilst staying at our associate’s properties.


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    April Peck | wholesale@savemefrom.com | 888.336.0690


    Save Me From offers clean, clinically proven hair repair and scalp therapy products that can be implemented into any spa service as a Hair Repair + Scalp Massage add-on or full service. Save Me From has eliminated our minimum order quantities and is offering free shipping during these hard economic times in addition to creating our exclusive Covid Relief package for spas and salons who'd like to get started and offer their clients a superior hair repair and scalp massage experience. By partnering with Save Me From, you are also joining us in our mission for suicide prevention as we donate 10% net income to suicide prevention charities.

    Save Me From ships from two locations, in Utah and Washington. Each facility follows CDC guidelines for social distancing and continues to ship products within 1-3 days from order date. Minimum orders have been eliminated during these hard economic times.

    Must be an approved retailer with a spa, salon or prestige retail business. Please contact to complete a retail application.

  • New Harbinger Publications

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    Justin Demeter | justin.detemer@newharbinger.com | 510.594.6145

    New Harbinger Publications

    New Harbinger has published evidence-based books that promote wellness in mind, body, and spirit for more than forty-five years.

    In light of the current conditions, you may find your guests are in need of resources to combat higher levels of anxiety and stress—our books are a trusted source of information and tools for lasting well-being.

    Books generally ship within two business days from our warehouse in Michigan. They offer free shipping on orders of 10+ books.


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    Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff | industrynails@gmail.com | 407.790.5022


    NAOMI NAIL LACQUER is a vegan friendly, eco-sustainable nail brand operating from Sanford, FL. They work, play and source locally in the United States. They develop custom curated nude color ranges, nail files, and they're now expanding into pro-nail tools and aprons.

    Due to COVID-19, they are experiencing between 1-2 week delay on product arrival. NAOMI NAIL LACQUER foresees this going back to a three week period in 2021.

    As an independent brand, they have a minimum order of 132 bottles (which comes out to 12 bottles per SKU) for a gorgeous and affordable start up investment. At the moment, they have 11 SKU's, which includes their holiday collection "Winter's Wish". Files are sold in packs of 50 for $25 and tools begin at $6.

  • ilike organic skin care from Szep Elet

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    Szilvia Hickman | shickman@szepelet.com | 317.222.3511

    ilike organic skin care from Szep Elet

    ilike organic skin care is offering 11 Skin Regimen Starter Kits for different skin types and featuring their most popular collections: Eco-Peptide Therapy Starter Kit, Grape Stem Cell, Solutions Starter Kit, Hyaluronic Time Erase Complex Starter Kit, PhytoLift Collection Starter Kit, Rose Petal Collection Starter Kit, Time Reverse Starter Kit, Vitalizing Starter Kit, Healing Starter Kit, Balancing Starter Kit, Calming Starter Kit, Eyes and Lips Starter Kit. Each kit contains four products in travel sizes that are enough for about two weeks of use.

    ilike organic skin care is also offering Reusable Face Covers that are environment friendly, reusable and machine or hand washable. The Hungarian-made, unisex face covers feature a comfortable metal plate to shape to your nose, are made of 100% cotton with elastic ear loops, promote your ilike organics treatments and come individually packed and labelled with directions to make a perfect retail item.

    Most orders are shipped within 1 business day. All products are in stock without any shortages or backorders.

  • Mantra Mask

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    Kim Wellen | kimwellen@mantramask.com | 949.677.6831

    Mantra Mask

    Mantra Mask has a full line of all-natural luxury CBD Sheet Masks. The perfect way to reopen your spa is with a treatment of CBD masks that can be added to any facial treatment for every skin type.

    Mantra Mask ships within three days. There are no restrictions on quantity and they are currently offering no minimum orders during these uncertain times.