ISPA Open House
by Josh Corman

Red Rock Spa by Well & Being

AN EMPTY RETAIL SPACE IS LIKE A BLANK CANVAS, just waiting to be transformed into something that draws the eye and piques the interest of each and every person who encounters it. But that transformation requires both a strong vision and a clear sense of what the guest experience will look like in that space. For this inaugural edition of ISPA Open House, Pulse connected with Red Rock Spa by Well & Being, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, to get the scoop on the warm and inviting design of their spectacular Spa Boutique.

By the Numbers
1,000: The Red Rock Spa Boutique is roughly 1,000 sq. ft. in size and includes the spa’s curated retail experience.
2016: The spa and its pool were extensively renovated in 2016.
23: Red Rock Spa by Well & Being features 23 treatment rooms.

To Each Their Own
The team at the Red Rock Spa recognizes that not all guests shop the same way, so their goal is to always provide a comfortable experience by listening to their guests and anticipating needs whenever possible. “We find that some guests like to explore and shop on their own, and some are incredibly curious and want to know everything there is to know,” says Carrie Ummel, director of retail experience at Trilogy Spa Holdings. “Our team is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about our products and thrilled to off an on-the-spot mini-treatment, create a bespoke skin care ritual or simply guide them in the direction of our newest collection of loungewear to enjoy.”

Behind the Magic
There’s much to admire about the Red Rock Spa Boutique and retail space, but it’s the dedicated team of employees behind the space that Carrie Ummel says makes it special. “My favorite aspect of this space is the heart and soul behind it. While the physical space is pleasantly serene yet dramatic, and it’s fun to merchandise with products from our preferred partners, it’s the people that make it shine through their passion to engage and exceed guest expectations.”

Stunning by design
Guests enter the Spa and its Boutique after a walk down a long, tranquil hallway to find rays from the desert sun shining through floor-to-ceiling windows 30 feet high and illuminating the boutique’s luxurious, clean, modern atmosphere and elevated attention to detail. Recessed shelving and hanging areas create product displays that draw guests in while keeping the floor clear so that guests can explore the space freely.

Tastefully hidden drawers below each display house additional products that can be conveniently retrieved for guests. This also keeps the space from ever feeling cluttered. “I love the ability this gives to keep the space tight and clean,” says Carrie Ummel, “but more importantly, it gives our team another opportunity to engage with guests during their spa experience.”

The space’s centerpiece is a long table that Ummel says anchors the room and provides a welcoming space for in-the-moment curiosity and connection. As the seasons change, the team uses four multi-sized pedestals that can be flexibly repurposed to help create seasonal stories tied to fresh products and treatment options.