How Spas Can Generate More Revenue for the Holidays
by: Daniele Conte

THE HOLIDAYS CAN BE AN ABUNDANT TIME FOR THE SPA INDUSTRY, and despite current restrictions, we are confident that with hard work, flexibility and creativity, you’ll navigate the busiest time of year and and—more importantly—increase sales at the spa.

Whether your clients are prepping with a pre-party facial, scheduling a day of self-love or buying gifts for loved ones, this is a great opportunity to bring peace and happiness to your clients during these challenging times. With COVID-19 changing the way things are done this year, we encourage you to diversify your offerings through the spa experience itself, or by bringing the spa to life in a guest’s bathroom—at home or on the road. So, here are a few ideas to generate revenue and cruise through the holiday season.


1. Take-Home Spa Kits: Do you have killer retail products sitting on your shelves? Good! Bundle some ofyour favorite products that customers can purchase to take home and use. The combinations are endless! For example, put together a hydrating facial kit with a cleanser, hydrating mask, a serum and moisturizer. Design a quick how-to guide with tips on how to use the products. It is affordable and easy to get these printed on 4 x 6 postcards. These bundles are a win-win: customers can have a spa day from the comfort of their home or hotel room, and you are moving products from your retail shelves. Some other great ideas for these kits would be:

a. Hair mask or treatment with a hair towel and brush
b. Mani-pedi kits with colors, lotion, remover and tools
c. Various facials for different skin types
d. Couples massage with eye mask, massage and essential oils
e. Dry brushing for exfoliation, detox and body care with body oil or lotion
f. Mindfulness with yoga mat, towel, link to a guided meditation/yoga, water bottle
g. Moment of gratitude with diffuser, essential oils, notebook and pen


Not only are these great for cautious customers who are wary about getting a treatment done, kits are socially-distant approved and thoughtful gifts to encourage self-care for the holidays. Get creative and have fun! No one knows your clientele better than you, and I guarantee they will be a hit for the holidays since no two kits are alike. Want to take it up a notch? If the spa is on a hotel property, work with management to display the availability of take-home spa kits in the rooms on the mini-bar or insert them into the spa menu. Share that kits may be delivered, and perhaps offer hot tea or wine with their kit so folks can relax in their room after a long day of work or travel.

2. Step Up Your Add-On Game: Since some spa services may be unavailable or you have a limited menu, why not make guests still feel like they received a full spa experience by offering a complimentary choice of an add-on such as a hair mask, dry brush treatment or essential oil? For in-spa services, add fun holiday-themed specials to your menu such as a peppermint oil massage. Peppermint essential oil brings holiday nostalgia in addition to the amazing benefits of easing muscle pain, treating headaches, opening airways and helping to induce relaxation. Or create an exfoliation treatment that can be added to existing massages or services for customers struggling with dry, flaky skin during the colder months. A great example of this is dry brushing, which is an Ayurvedic practice that helps with exfoliation, increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and detoxifies the skin.

3. In-Room Support: We encourage you to leave spa marketing materials in hotel rooms to encourage heavier foot traffic. What an easy way to raise awareness of your current offerings! Or encourage folks to visit the spa with complimentary product samples and a retail discount found in each room. Reach out to the brands who have a large shelf presence for product samples to gift to guests. They want to support you now more than ever during these funky times. Is it possible to work with management to give samples and communicate special holiday events to interested guests at check-in? The check-in process can sometimes take a few minutes, and this is a great opportunity for a guest to read a printed flyer before taking their keys and product samples back to their room.

4. Customer Appreciation Events: Shower customers with expertise and gifts during a holiday event. Encourage clients or hotel guests to visit the spa for complimen-tary manicures, pedicures, chair massages or mini facials while also offering a discount on retail items for gifts. If COVID-19 restrictions allow, reach out to brands to schedule holiday pop-ups to educate and demo new products. If restrictions are still tight, move the event outside. You could also plan a holiday-themed mini-market and outdoor yoga event hosted by a local yoga instructor. Wellness and workouts are vital to staying balanced every day, but especially during the combination of COVID-19 and the holidays. By offering outdoor exercises in a beautiful, open environment guests will be left happy, healthy and grateful for their loved ones (AKA ready to gift-up and visit the market)!

5. Use the Internet to Your Advantage: Not only is social media a great way to build your spa’s presence, but it can also help you sell products from your retail shelves. Plan holiday content ahead of time and have it ready to make your audience think about you as soon as gift shopping is on their to-do list. If you need more marketing materials of a product, reach out to your brand rep and see if they can send over content. This does not need to all be product-related! Folks are looking for positivity and inspiration anywhere they can. Post uplifting quotes, articles, blog posts and photos to inspire your spa community. They will repost your spa content, bringing even more love to the spa! There are many other ways to use social media to your advantage. Use Instagram and Facebook Live to host “social distancing” events where you can connect with your customers personally. Use this as a way to educate them on different services your spa offers, how you are taking precautions during this time, skin care education, at-home facials, dry brushing techniques, meditation classes and more. This creates a fun and interactive environ-ment for your clients while keeping your name in their head. Make sure you share all your specials and gift ideas across all of your platforms. The goal is to be the first thing that pops into a customer’s head when they are checking holiday gifts off their list or determining what they want for the holidays!

6. Give to Get: When you give back, it will come back to you tenfold. Work with your team to determine what issues are most important to them—supporting frontline workers, national hunger, mental health or diversity. Donate a certain amount of meals per service or a portion of revenue to the cause closest to the spa’s heart during the holidays. I have found that the one-for-one model is effective in allowing a guest to know exactly what is going to happen. There is no question—you buy a service or product and you donate to someone in need. This doesn’t need to break the bank. Every little bit counts. And friends, customers and the community will love to share how you’re giving back. When you put giving in your spa or holiday plan, your customers will become your story tellers and biggest advocates. This holiday season will be different than any one before, but when you are giving and serving with your team, you’ll quickly realize that your own stresses kind of dissolve. The little things will melt away when you see the needs you are serving. Stay creative, diversify your offerings and give back. We are confident this season will be one of joy and prosperity.