Keeping You and Your Equipment Safe
by Jamison Stoike

PPE is critical to keep your team and your guests safe, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Keeping your equipment sanitary is essential to maintaining a safe spa environment and assuaging the fears of spa-goers, many of whom will spend an hour or more in contact with a piece of equipment.

Fortunately, many of the spa industry's major equipment manufacturers have stepped up to provide new products designed to meet more stringent standards for safety, and are offering their guidance on keeping equipment sanitized. There are a few basics to keep in mind when sanitizing equipment, as recommended by the CDC and ISPA:

  1. Wear gloves while cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. Use EPA-registered disinfectant to clean hard, non-porous surfaces.
  3. Use soap and water to clean soft surfaces, such as rugs or soft furniture.
  4. Launder all linens and terry according to manufacturer instructions.

Erica Coble, vice president of sales for Living Earth Crafts, recommends disinfecting the treatment table and face cradle after every treatment using an EPA-registered disinfectant, in addition to the expected change of linens. If you’re unsure of how to best sanitize your tables, reach out to your equipment manufacturer—they’ll know what to do. LEMI GROUP has put together a “Sani Spa Tool-Kit” that outlines best practices for sanitizing equipment and the information is available to all spas, including those who are not existing LEMI clients.

Both Living Earth Crafts and LEMI have developed new products and altered existing ones to better fit a post-COVID-19 world. Living Earth Crafts has redesigned its upholstered table covers to fit more snugly. Stools and bolsters can be improved with the water- and chemical-resistant covers of its Dura line, which are easily sanitized. Most prominently, Living Earth Crafts has launched a “Safe-Guard Treatment Shield” to create a physical barrier between the service provider and the guest during a treatment. The shield is compatible with “most any U.S.-manufactured spa table,” according to Coble.

Likewise, LEMI has developed a rolling “Spa Shield” that is compatible with virtually any table, says Alex Theofanous, vice president of sales – Americas. LEMI created the product in response to spa operators who commented that performing facials safely will now be challenging; the Spa Shield will “allow the operator to comfortably perform all facial treatments with the comfort and confidence that there is a true, real barrier to protect both the guest and the provider,” Theofanous adds.

This is a time when equipment manufacturers are listening keenly to the input of spas and working quickly to build newer, easily-sanitized equipment. If your spa needs guidance on keeping equipment safe, is looking for new equipment or a modification for existing equipment, try contacting your supplier or manufacturer—they’ll likely do their best to help.