As one of only 48 spas in the world with the prestigious Five-Star rating from Forbes Travel Guide and repeatedly lauded as “One of the 10 Most Luxurious and Best Designed Spas of the World,” Eau Spa at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is a favorite among the Palm Beach elite.

“Eau Spa is the social hub of Palm Beach, where guests are invited to embark on a journey of ‘Pause, Play and Perfect’ while indulging in resplendent treatment, champagne and scrumptious cupcakes,” enthuses Sam Blue, interim spa director at Eau Spa.

Eau Spa’s unique allure lies in its ability to place itself at the crossroads of relaxation and fun. Unlike most resort spas who market themselves as a quiet, calming retreat, Eau Spa is known as a place to see and be seen. It’s a place to wind down with a luxurious spa treatment, but also socialize with a glass of champagne by the pool. The calming surroundings perfectly juxtapose the sexy and chill Ibiza beats, which fits the mood perfectly.

“Our vision is that every guest comes to Eau Spa for some well-deserved ‘me time,’” notes Blue. “We understand that ‘me time’ is different for every person.”

That’s why Eau Spa is broken up into several areas that are designed to meet the needs of every possible guest.

The Self-Centered Garden is located in the heart of the spa, this adult playground (the spa is reserved only for those 18 and older) is a favorite place for guests to lounge before and after treatments, or just hang out and play for the day. This garden wonderland has become known for its swinging chairs, extra-large chess set and huge fountain, which together create a playground atmosphere for guests whose idea of unwinding is talking, laughing and having fun with friends and strangers alike.

For those who crave a little privacy and solitude from their spa visit, the Garden Villas are available. Decorated with unapologetic opulence, these villas have their own treatment rooms and secret gardens complete with outdoor showers and whirlpool tubs.

Even though Eau Spa has become known as one of the best spas in the world through several Forbes Five-Star ratings as well as the 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards Best Luxury Hotel Spa in the Americas and Condé Nast’s #1 Resort in Florida for 2016, the spa still must constantly market its services to stay on top of the game.

Many guests don’t realize that, in addition to one-of-a-kind spa services, Eau Spa also has a full-service salon, including hair, nails, make-up, waxing and men’s barbering. This has become a struggle for Blue, who needs to ensure the salon is performing as well as the spa. He does this by creating package deals.

“We are able to garner marketing leads by creating enticing packages, which include both massage and salon or barber services,” he says. This way, guests are introduced to both the spa and salon sides of Eau Spa and upon their return, don’t pass over the salon when booking appointments.

Eau Spa also offers seasonal specials to pull in new clients.

“In keeping with the season, we offer yearly summer specials from June 1 to September 30,” adds Blue. “We also participate in Spa Week promotions and feature new treatments based upon themed months, to promote our amazing and personalized indulgences.”

Another huge pull to the spa is its event capabilities. With 42,000 square feet at the guests’ disposal, Eau Spa has become a common place for weddings, corporate gatherings and cocktail parties. From the sultry garden waterfalls to the elegant rotunda with soft, flowing walls, Eau Spa can create an inviting atmosphere of playfulness and intimacy for any special occasion.

“For guests looking to trade in ‘me time’ for ‘together time,’ Eau Spa is ready to accommodate,” adds Blue.

Speaking of accommodating guests’ every need, Eau Spa is constantly innovating and striving to remain on the brink of technological advances in spa.

“We continue to stay ahead of the guests’ requests by always having new features to enjoy,” enthuses Blue.

The Eau Spa menu is reviewed and updated annually after doing both an industry and market analysis. Blue and the Eau Spa team have a blast updating the menu every year because they strive to create new and exciting treatments that coincide with the fun of the “Eau Wonderland” theme. By making the process fun, employees can dive headfirst into the brainstorming process.

As with any spa, Eau Spa faces some challenges in staffing, particularly the limited service provider pool to draw from in South Florida. That’s why Blue has to be particular when making hiring decisions. 

“The most important thing I look for is personality,” he says. “Do they fit with the team? If you enjoy the people you work with, you’ll enjoy your job, so that’s a very important aspect in hiring.”

Blue also puts a big emphasis on staff training. “As a three-year Forbes Five-Star Spa, we consistently train staff on Forbes standards, offering CEU’s to licensed staff and standard operating procedures,” he notes.

“We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and we strive to not only maintain, but exceed even our own expectations.”