Two centuries ago they might have retreated to a country home. In the last few decades they have headed for a shopping event or partying in Las Vegas. Now, instead of partying, millennials are thinking wellness. With wellness tourism on the rise, it’s no surprise spa bachelorette parties have become the latest wellness and bridal trend. Plus, it’s a great way of approaching the very stressful demands of a wedding: bonding time, relaxing time, destressing time, and it’s a trend that is easy for the savvy spa to market to.

Day Spas

Just because you’re not running a traditional resort spa, doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the bachelorette getaway trend. Day spas can offer full-day packages to cater to both local and visiting bridal parties. Try partnering with a nearby hotel to offer the popular three-day retreats to visiting groups.

Resort/Hotel Spas
Onsite spas should work with their hotel management team to create total packages for bachelorette parties. These typically include spa therapies, rooms, food, beverages and activities. Escapes might be as short as three days or they might extend for a week or more. Working together to customize packages to each bride’s needs will benefit all areas of the hotel or resort. Depending on your individual situation, packages might include:

  • Yoga retreats
  • Personalized fitness programs
  • Spa therapies (massage, facials, manicure, pedicures, access yo pools and other amenities)
  • Spa goodie bags for guests
  • Healthy lifestyle tips
  • Outdoor activities

Targeted Marketing

To bring these coveted bachelorette parties to your spa, you’ve got to think strategically about your marketing efforts. You will get the best results by having a separate landing page for each type of retreat you offer as this allows for targeted marketing. On your landing page, provide all the information about your retreat and packages, but also leave space for potential guests to provide an email address. Offer an incentive to leave their email by offering a free printable booklet or planning guide. Once you secure their information, use it to continuously follow up with the customer. Nurture them to the point they are ready to schedule their event. When you follow up via email, focus on the benefits and experiences they can take advantage of. Be helpful, and build a bond. Be sure to include contact information and a call to action link to encourage them to contact you.

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