ISPA Statement Regarding Recent Media Reports

November 27, 2017

As an industry organization, all of us at ISPA are saddened to read the recent news regarding misconduct. It is heartbreaking to read. All ISPA members must agree to specific standards and practices, including that the spa will promptly respond to guest complaints and resolve them in as timely and efficiently a manner as possible.

As a trade association, ISPA does not mandate reporting procedures, but if inappropriate conduct is in question, promptly reporting the matter to appropriate authorities is strongly encouraged.

We encourage spas and spa-goers alike to review our Standards and Practices and Code of Conduct, which are available for all spas and their customers, members or not. We believe all spas should adhere to these practices, and have the proper processes in place to handle these types of situations in order to make the spa the place it should be: a safe and healthy environment.


Lynne McNees 



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