ISPA Releases 2009 U.S. Spa Industry Statistics

July 1, 2009

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The International SPA Association 2009 U.S. Spa Industry Update reveals a steady increase across the board in overall spa locations, revenues and visits. While this may seem unexpected given the current economic climate it’s important to keep in mind that these numbers are from the calendar year of 2008, the first half of which was very profitable for many spas.

Geoff Thacker, Managing Partner of the Association Resource Centre suggests that, “Spa owners are starting to feel the impact of recent economic events.” The annual study, conducted for nine consecutive years by Association Resource Centre Inc., is reflective of the entire U.S. spa industry. ISPA invests each year in continually developing and updating an extensive inventory of spas through a spa industry census within the U.S. to assure that ISPA research is representative of the industry as a whole, and is of the highest quality.

“We are pleased to report that 2008 was another year of growth for the spa industry, but we know that we have a tough road ahead as our industry is not immune to the current economy,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “Even though the number of spa locations are up, at a per spa level revenues and visits are slightly down and showing the early effects of the economic downfall.”


(Year End)

(Year End)

Percent Change


$10.9 billion

$12.8 billion


Spa Visits

138 million

160 million









Percent Change

Total Employees
















Square Footage

60 million square feet

 81 million square feet


Key findings from the 2009 Spa Industry Update include:

  • Overall industry revenues continued to grow at an annual rate of 17.8 percent, while at a per spa level revenue experienced a slight decline.
  • Day spas continue to dominate the industry at 79 percent of total spas.
  • ISPA members average more revenue, visits, employees and space by significant margins.
  • When looking at spas by type, the number of medical spas continues to grow at the fastest rate. Since July 2007, the number of medical spas has grown by 85 percent, further proof that this spa type is still a notable part of the industry.
  • The number of locations in the U.S. has experienced a five year average growth of 17 percent.

In addition to the Spa Industry Update, ISPA keeps up with the latest developments in the industry by conducting monthly member surveys to gauge trends in the global spa community. In June 2009, 46 percent saw an increase in the number of shorter treatments (30 minutes or less) booked, and 48 percent of ISPA members reported a decrease in the amount spent per visit when compared to the same time last year. While people are still frequenting the spa, consumers are opting for shorter less expensive treatments to help fit their budget, while still investing in their overall wellness.

For a copy of the full ISPA 2009 U.S. Industry Update please contact ISPA. ISPA members may log in to the Web site, click on Free Member Benefits and download the full report.

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