ISPA Adds New Industry-Wide Commitment to Spa Reopening Toolkit

May 14, 2020

The International SPA Association is proud to launch a second round of resources as part of its Spa Reopening Toolkit. This new set of resources is headlined by an industry-spanning commitment to guest and staff well-being comprised of seven standards—developed in conjunction with an international group of industry leaders— that can be embraced in spas around the globe. These standards emphasize the industry’s continued efforts to build trust and confidence among staff and guests as they return to their spas.

“Now more than ever as spas begin to reopen, it’s essential that the industry stands united in our commitment to the health and safety of those we serve,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “Well-being is the core of our industry and spas across the globe will continue to utilize their strengths to provide a safe, healthy environment for guests to embrace and rely on.”

Other additions to the ISPA Spa Reopening Toolkit include a personal protective equipment FAQ for staff and customizable templates for developing guest and staff-centered FAQs related to reopening processes and policies. To date, ISPA’s Reopening Toolkit page has been viewed nearly 75,000 times.

ISPA will continue to work alongside industry leaders and other experts to develop useful resources for spas as the reopening process continues. Earlier this week, ISPA shared one such resource, an interview with Dr. Brent Bauer and Dr. Nadir Bhuiyan of the Mayo Clinic focused on health and safety during reopening. ISPA expects to release additional video resources in the coming weeks.

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